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We had almost 40 players connected! Where would you want to see CnCNet next?


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Holy crap, we are surprisingly popular!


Our all-time high is now 38 connected players which we hit very early today. This also seems to be the first time we've had full 24 hours with players connected!


As we get more popular, more people will come from areas that are not close to UK or live in the US. This means latency to the dedicated server increases and might render the game unplayable for local games. The donations will help us expand to new areas with faster local servers, just tell us where you would want to see a new CnCNet dedicated server hosted if we get enough players and funding for it.

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popluar, oh yess!


I have got a whole club of players located in germany. Some of which have also never played cnc before, especially girls. Yeahh ;D


A decicated server close to germany or similar.....




Currently, Germany is not a high priority target for a new server as it's very close to the UK and you should have quite good pings to it.


However, if you DEMAND a server located there and donate enough money to fund it, I don't see why not.

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This is fantastic news. A game series that I grew up playing and always wanted to play online but couldn't. It's good to know that the games can still be played and are still popular. Great work guys :) Is there any interest for you guys to create a server here in Australia?

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Shilor just donated enough money to kick start Australian mirror so if there is demand I need to work on the dedicated to support linking more than two servers together. That means we can't start the AU mirror until I've done that so I need to start working, lol.

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