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Boggle04's Funny Little Big Map 8.1


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Boggle04's Funny Little Big Map 8.1

Money on Map:
Map Size:

Buildings on Map:
Tech Airports
Tech Oil Derricks
Tech Power Plants
Tech Secret Labs
Patriot Missiles

Notes of Interest:
Paradrop timers will not show
Crate will popup at 500 in game Value=2000 every base
Tech Oil Derick will destroy if no player at base
Added additional Tiberium rod at each gem location

This has now morphed from From Funny Little Big Map to a Mirror Set, I hate doing Mirrors. It seems like people love them, but I will still work on the CompStomp Survival maps I am passionate about, and Battle maps that should be more in line with real war ideologies.

Boggle04's Funny Little Big Map 8.1.jpg

Boggle04's Funny Little Big Map 8.1.map

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