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Choose faction depending on matchup


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The only option I can think of that would remotely resemble your suggestion while still being somewhat logical is if both players know the name of the other player before they select their army. That would of course require an overhaul of how matches are made at all and whether names are hidden at the diplomacy screen, and would probably require harsher punishment for disconnects and 3 second games.

If you like Allied mirrors perhaps you should lobby to get Yuri banned instead.

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Although some kind of checkbox in-client could theoretically accomplish this, you're basically asking for a situation that allows you to always pick your army second, which can't be made a fair option in any ladder format, because you'd need to add an option to dodge mirrors and either way your feature wouldn't be working as intended.

It's weird enough that we have a blind pick matrix that encompasses every single map already (or anywhere near this many maps to begin with). Another layer of complexity would only be more inelegant.

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