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  1. When I try and play ra2 not on CnCNet my game either freezes during game (it actually still lets me type but I can’t see move or see the typing). It’s also just straight up closed out on me, any ideas?
  2. I don’t want anything banned it could even work that way if one player is Yuri you could choose to always be yuri in mirror matches. Would obviously be a huge overhaul I just wanted to throw it out there probably wishful thinking.
  3. Would there be a way to choose in ladder to play as allies in mirror matches ect? Right now you can only choose what faction based on map, but wasn’t sure if this could be an option.
  4. I’ve been running into this a lot lately where certain players don’t load and I automatically get the wins. Which is annoying because I just want to play. I’ve seen it mainly versus ghetto777, any thoughts why this is happening or are they doing it on purpose?
  5. Just curious if anyone else feels like they get the same maps over and over again in quick match?
  6. I tried searching for an answer to this but didn’t find it. In the client you can pick a side for each map what does this actually mean? Like if I wanted to play Iraq on heck freezes over if I got that map I would be Iraq even if I picked America? Also can you veto maps for QM as well? Im having a lot of fun playing again thanks Cncnet for the opportunity!
  7. Played it yesterday with you guys worked great.
  8. I think your right I got a ton of games, even against you!
  9. Came back after not playing for a long time just wondering when is the best time to ladder.
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