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First off i just wanted to say happy holidays everyone. Ok so back on topic here, I'm pretty retarded when it comes to comp games that you just don't put a disk in and start playing. (like when i had this game back when i had windows 98, I have Vista now by the way) I have been having problems trying to get red alert to work. i downloaded the game from this website, i downloaded everything to my desk top so i know where it is. after that though i really don't know what I'm doing. i clicked on the file with the little icon ra95 that seemed to be the only one that did anything for me. When i clicked on that i got an error which i will post on here. So if someone could please help me figure out how to do this so i don't waste another 5 hours trying to figure things out, that would be great! lol What i would really like to do is build my own maps and use the add on's from aftermath (weapons etc) o and the hd mod thing looks pretty sweet but i think the browns have a better chance of making it to the Superbowl then me figuring that out. Any help would be great, In case anyone is wondering that black square in the pic also came up with the error and it wasn't some "educational" pic or video i was hiding. Thanks and happy holidays!IMAG0023.jpg

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Have you downloaded the expansions.zip? After downloading it, go into it and into the folder called expansions inside it and extract the files to your Red Alert 1 directory. If you do it right, it should overwrite some files. The next time you start up the game you should see two new options in the menu, "Counterstrike Missions" and "Aftermath Missions", and new units should be in your skirmish and multiplayer games as well.

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