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  1. I was trying to figure out how to edit ts-spawn.exe to work with RotD for CnCNet (using a vanilla TS GAME.EXE), and besides the file name changes, icon changes, NoCD and a few edits that I found with LKO's executable modifier I had two differences left between the vanilla .exe and the RTD.exe, and was wondering if anyone knew if they had any important effects. At 0x148 3A 4E 35 gets changed to 61 ED 34, but since it was close to the beginning of the file I don't think it changes any functions and probably has to do with the icon data. The second is at 0x874C where 75 07 BD 0A is changed to 75 0A BD 10. I haven't been able to find any other TS .exes that have this edit, which makes it confusing. The .exe from RTD 2.8.5 and the edited GAME.exe are in the attached .7z. The file names haven't been changed yet in the GAME.exe, and the icon data was removed to make comparison simpler. rtd_and_game.7z
  2. Was updating TS after using the Tiberian Sun online installer and a file called Accounting.xlsx was downloaded into the game folder with credits for some files that don't seem to be used in the game.
  3. Was trying to import the rules into TibEd, found that "[Area Guard]" is misspelled "[AreaGuard]" in the map and was breaking the rules file that gets generated. Not sure if it affects the map though in PvP but might affect Skirmish AI.
  4. What is the latest version checksum for the balance patch? There are multiple in the map database again: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=vet+2.24 Do you plan to finalize it eventually so the rules aren't changing for tournament matches? Another thing I found out trying to edit TS rules is that apparently there are some hardcoded stats: http://www.tiberiumweb.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4110
  5. I wanted to make the RA1 AI play better and also the game a little more interesting, so I made this mini-mod that worked out pretty well. List of changes: AI builds Tech Center now, it was fixed in Iran's RA1 patch but not activated in the CnCNet rules. AI building numbers adjusted -- Soviets don't overbuild Tesla Coils and never build their Tech Center from the low power it caused anymore, and both sides build more Helipads / Airfields. Tracked vehicle speeds set to TD / TS levels, so tanks don't travel faster than wheeled vehicles on clear land! Westwood changed this in beta because testers liked the tank rush, but the rest of the game didn't seem to be adjusted for it. Badger and Spy Plane stats switched, it doesn't make sense that the Spy Plane had much more health and more armor than a heavy bomber! The Badger is no longer useless, and the Spy Plane can be shot down if you're unlucky. It was probably changed because the GPS is invincible, but the Parabomb crate is functional now and has the power it deserves for the charging time. Before the Missile Sub was added in Aftermath, the Badger Bomber was probably supposed to be the Soviets long-range unit like the Cruiser for the Allies and they found the Soviets were powerful enough already and removed it, and never needed to fix the stats. Testing images (using 999999 credits): Download: RA Final Conflict.7z
  6. If you look at the stats swap I made, you'll see what I meant about the easy to blow up part. The tech tree is right in the final version, but they mixed up the stats of the SSM and the MLRS. The SSM was supposed to be the one with 100 health and 800 credits, the MLRS with 120 and 750. The MLRS was the cheaper but more armored and flexible alternative, while the SSM was an ideal unit for Nod ambushes and had to get away or be well defended enough to prevent destruction during reload. Another thing is the appearance of the units themselves, the SSM is clearly less armored than the MLRS but it had more health in vanilla. This was probably an oversight of it not being in single-player and multiplayer not being as big at the time.
  7. Yeah that seems to make sense, then they probably decided that it was strange for GDI to be torching people live as well as Nod maybe being too weak so they diversified them and rebalanced it a bit for launch. With the MLRS basically being a mobile Advanced Guard Tower, it would make sense for it to require the AGT, so the two units were switched around at some point since in the game code the SSM actually requires the AGT, with the Obelisk at the same tech level. Edit: Worked out a new way of doing things, added to the original post. It's simpler and closer to the vanilla game, I'm going to release a TibEd .exe with the changes but do players think Nod should keep the MLRS or not? It seems unnecessary but I'll probably leave it as is since there's no real reason to change it. Edit 2: Keeping the Nod MLRS since both the Arty and the SSM are extremely easy to blow up after the stats change.
  8. That might have been why they changed it, I was just looking at the rules and noticed the strangeness with the tags. It seems a common enough complaint that the MLRS is expensive, weak, and too late in the tech tree compared to the Artillery, and the reason would be that it wasn't actually supposed to be the GDI Artillery counterpart but a mobile anti-air Nod one. The MLRS in MP doesn't add much to the Nod roster since it already had anti-air units, while the other additions like the Chem Warrior are unique. To balance GDI having the SSM some stats could be switched around with the MLRS, mainly that it should require the Advanced Comm Center and the cost raised to 800, maybe the health lowered as well.
  9. I think I know what happened with the MLRS / Artillery balancing during TD's development and how to fix it: Edit: Looking at the game rules in TibEd, the SSM actually requires the Advanced Guard Tower instead of the Obelisk, which makes it more likely it was a GDI / dual-owned unit. However the weapons of the two units got switched around some time during the development: The MLRS was supposed to become available with the AGT, have a cost of 750, and a health of 120. The SSM was supposed to become available with the Adv. Comm Center / Temple of Nod, have a cost of 800, and a health of 100. This fits with the appearance of the units themselves: the SSM is clearly less armored than the MLRS but it had more health in vanilla. This was overlooked with it not being in single-player and multiplayer not being as big at the time. This MLRS is basically a mobile AGT, and the SSM is much more damaging but less armored. The sprites don't have to switched around either. The SSM stays a Nod only unit, and the MLRS may or may not be kept by both sides -- but if it is it has an increased usefulness for Nod. In the Mini-Mod it was kept as with the SSM health decrease both Nod artillery units are very fragile, so the MLRS is there to compensate. It fits together great with the existing Westwood multiplayer balancing. Edit 2: There seemed to be a memory issue that prevents the SSM from requiring the Adv. Comm Center / Temple of Nod, so the closest thing is the AGT / Obelisk. This could be why it wasn't available in the campaign and so rare otherwise, it would have been overpowered requiring only an advanced defence. Since the Nod Nuke does fire damage, it makes sense that the SSM, based on the Honest John nuclear missile was available with the Temple of Nod. I was able to work around it in the mini-mod. Edit 3: Mini-mod added back. It doesn't replace the regular CnCNet TD .exe, so to test MP it has to be renamed. Give feedback if possible. If players approve I hope they could make it a CnCNet option because while small it still makes the field more competitive. The MLRS isn't a trinket anymore, opening options for both sides and the SSM has a more interesting role in the Nod roster despite the nerf. TiberianDawn_Online.7z
  10. So Humble, would you know if the changes are intended for base TS or FS? Since there was a veteran rate increase in Firestorm, but I'm not sure which version players use online (the TS lobby is usually empty). The inclusion of part of the vanilla ruleset in the Vet 1.5 maps seems to undo some of the changes in FS as well.
  11. My IP seems to have been banned from the main chat lobby for some reason, even though I don't often go into it. Update: Actually, it only seems to be when using the TI client, might be a bug.
  12. I was reading this post and was wondering, is it possible to use Windows 98 compatibility mode / MS Compatibility Toolkit to simulate the old memory management to be able to work around the crashes?
  13. I was comparing the Terrace versions, and for some reason the last vet1.6 version has a massive number of edits compared to the rest; in addition it has even more edits than the 1.8 version which I found weird. Also when I compared 1.8 to the second last 1.6 version, I didn't find any changes that were present in the 11-11 1.6 version. Edit: The last 1.6 version seems to have a few randomly placed neutral units and buildings. Are the Vet edits intended for base TS or also FS?
  14. Is there a place where you can get the maps with these rule changes outside of the competitive ladder, for testing?
  15. Wasn't hifi was going to modify the .exe for you? As far as I know, he still remembers you exist since he acknowledged you in the "Broken CnCNet update was broken!" thread. All you really have to do is remind him about it (with your updated copy) before the next update is released.
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