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  1. Fog of War

    I was reading this post and was wondering, is it possible to use Windows 98 compatibility mode / MS Compatibility Toolkit to simulate the old memory management to be able to work around the crashes?
  2. I was comparing the Terrace versions, and for some reason the last vet1.6 version has a massive number of edits compared to the rest; in addition it has even more edits than the 1.8 version which I found weird. Also when I compared 1.8 to the second last 1.6 version, I didn't find any changes that were present in the 11-11 1.6 version. Edit: The last 1.6 version seems to have a few randomly placed neutral units and buildings. Are the Vet edits intended for base TS or also FS?
  3. Is there a place where you can get the maps with these rule changes outside of the competitive ladder, for testing?
  4. Network Game for C&C Red Dawn?

    Wasn't hifi was going to modify the .exe for you? As far as I know, he still remembers you exist since he acknowledged you in the "Broken CnCNet update was broken!" thread. All you really have to do is remind him about it (with your updated copy) before the next update is released.
  5. Network Game for C&C Red Dawn?

    Well, apparently Red Dawn is supposed to be implemented in the next version of CnCNet so you can just wait for that.
  6. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    I realized that the mission.ini overrides the old briefings, but only after I had edited them. I used Notepad to edit.
  7. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    As a thank you for answering my questions, I went through the briefings and fixed a bunch of speilling and grammatical errors. Here you go! I also put the .inis into a .mix file, but it doesn't load. I also think 50000 credits is a bit too much, especially in Skirmish because the AI overwhelms you with numbers, but I guess it's more balanced in actual multiplayer. Briefings.zip
  8. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    If HiFi gets it working remember to add a shortcut to CnCNet as well in the installer, so people know you can play MP on it. Maybe add Start Menu shortcuts to the game and RASETUP.exe as well, and an option to remove savegames when uninstalling. I think that's all for now, thanks for answering my questions!
  9. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    -Why was the Jammer Tower removed from multiplayer? -What is the point of the Silo if the Refinery has 200000 storage? -The "EngineerCaptureLevel=100%, EngineerDamage=25%, NewUnitsEnabled=1" code is repeated a number of times throughout the different .inis, is it just code that you forgot to clean up? -Are you going to be making any more changes with the Arda patch out? http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/16445-looking-for-testers/
  10. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    Have you thought about using the music from Nyerguds' C&C95 patch? He uses the soundtrack versions of Act on Instinct and No Mercy, though they might not be in your tastes. Also, Nod gets medics, mechanics, helicarriers, dogs and IFVLs as well? I think it would have been better to assign those units to different sides to make them more unique. Did you change the unit speed settings too? They feel slower than in previous versions.
  11. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    I think I experienced a weird bug: I was playing as UN-GDI in Skirmish, and even though I had the Weapons Factory, Adv. Comm Center and Barracks built I couldn't build the Mammoth Tank. In addition, the Helipad cost 800 for some reason and didn't come with Orcas. Are these just weird settings for the map Lunar Battlefield? I just noticed it is described as "special" in some way. EDIT: I was checking out the Rules.ini, specifically the country settings, and there seems to be a bug. IIRC in regular RA1 England and France's bonuses were bugged, and while England/UN-GDI is fixed here as all settings are 1, France/GDI ZOCOM has 1.1 armour, which I believe creates the opposite of the intended effect. GameSpeedBias is spelt wrong, in the file it's GameSpeeBias.
  12. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    Did you hear back from hifi yet?
  13. Red Alert: Aftermath, hardcore AI mod updated

    I don't think it's possible for the AI to build a navy ("water bases/units") because the comments in one of the files say that it was actually designed for C&C1, which didn't have any naval buildings/units.
  14. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! (How come I can't post in the "official" topic?)
  15. Red Dawn (RA-1)

    I was going to mention Nyerguds, but I forgot. Oh well he did it anyhow.