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Fan Story , After CnC3 KW events


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Welcome Back commander , GDI called you again because of Nod non-stopping activity even after kane disappeared after he gained control of the tacitus and connected his " LEGION " with it . Tiberium life forms in this time are attacking Isolated cities , after we launched strike forces to protect cities after thier call , we cought devices planted on these life forms so Nod controlls them remotly . And here we propose a question , why Nod is targetting cities instead of GDI bases and GDI command centers .


 In these days we sent several spies from the yellow zone cities " after we proposed them this job for saving their families from Nod's terror " to try and bring us what nod is planning for . It wasn't that easy , we lost all of our spies and only one left and ran away from nod , bringing us what Nod calls " Kane's Return " . GDI acted immediatly , all bases and abandoned bases set into emergency , we though Nod is communicating with kane in the scrin tower . After GDI prepared every thing , another spy that ran after the first one told us that even Nod don't know what's happening with Kane , But he got a clue from a Nod soldier " Before they know he's a spy " that Nod planned for what they call the " Kane's Return " , we know that what we heard from the first spy is just the name of the plan not a new . The GDI president didn't feel comfort for that , because that name hides a lot of secrets , as he is thinking . He immediatly Ordered with full attention and start attempts to get more intel about this plan . 3 weeks later , all strike forces are ready , all engineers are trained to steal a lot of Intel and DATA in very short time . GDI finally launched the attack , Nod seems to be ready , during battles we've seen strong resistance from Nod and he's showing a lot of new units that can be an opposite to our new units , now we new why he is attacking the isolated city , he was getting Intel about GDI from those city , and so GDI don't make any doubts he attack the cities after he takes the intel from the spy and remove any mark of his presence . We know that Nod attacked the cities using recruited Tiberium Life Forms , so GDI doubts that Mutants are attacking cities to reclaim new territories and GDI don't disturb Nod till he Complete drawing his plan . It's not too bad , at least we knew what nod is planning for .


 Now it's time to stop spying and getting INTEL with the direct way which is Attacking all NOD pyramids and temples because we knew all the intel is stored over there , Our strike forces are continueing to fail in their tasks , each time they attack a Nod INTEL base , Nod Corrupt the computers . After 3 Mounth of GDI started acting Nod has launched a Tiberium liquid bomb , what they're doing the want the scrins to come again like they did in the THIRD TIBERIUM WAR ? well , they wanna play it with the crystals again , GDI decided to weaponize the tiberium in order to eliminate Nod Once and for all , The GDI high command knows it's not like that GDI deals in wars but they agreed this is the only way to eliminate Nod once and for all . We succesfully made an arsenal to Attack Nod and eliminate it . Suddnly , In these days Nod Diverted his attacks to GDI's Tiberium Army , and he Launched a full scaled Attacks on GDI tiberium army using nuke and Tiberium Liquid Bombs , But we seen he's attack some types of tiberium weapons that he already has similar ones , and keeps the new types . Nod is not attacking new bases any more , WHY ?? 3 Days later after we lost 90% if our tiberium Army Nod has Attacked the new GDSS Philadelphia . How Did Nod know about it he repeated the Senario of The third Tiberium War , we started making Doubts about spies we though we cought a lot of them , Next the attack for the new GDSS Philadelphia we realized that nod had stealed our new tiberium prototypes and at this moment all of our Tiberium Facilities Are Destroyed With one Shot explotions . Nod is more Clever and making full strategical Operation on us , but how ? Nod is Just like reading our minds , he don't have any spies .


 This is the 5th year since we started the Assault on Nod . In the last year we caught a lot of mutants prisoners , accused by co-operating with nod . Any way We ivestigated with them , they refused to share any intel about nod , replying with " THE FORGOTTE'S FUTUR DEPENDS ON IT , WE WON'T BETRAY OUR DESTINY " . We started reading their minds in order to take intel by technology , but they was suiciding with high explosive bombs inside their chests . one mutant has failed to do the bombing and we sucessfully Got his mind readed with a lot of efforts from scientists . We know that Mutants has Co-Operated and formed an alliance against GDI . That was unexpectable , espacially we're on the edge of disapperance and nod has one last move and he removes us from the EARTH . But we got the light , one of our very Old bases from the second Tiberium War Still Standing With his Ruins under the dust we checked it and found a note For JACK MCNEIL " DAY 7 on the Kodiak Carring the tacitus after kane murder , a strange nod WALKER HITTED US WITH A BIG LASER AND THE KODIAK IS BURNING LITTLE BY LITTLE WE LOST CONTACT WITH GDI HIGH COMMAND , that walker had 4 legs and two arms " and a scribble on the notepad's paper . But wait a second , Nod din't have any type of walkers that hits with laser beam during first and second tiberium war . and we saw in the mutant's memory somthing about time as we seen some Nod high rank generals entering a gate , in this moments we started making doubts about Time traveling because this is the only way that nod got a walker in front of the kodiak during the second tiberium war .

============================================Chapter4 ========================================

 We finally got a survived engineer that infiltrated a large tiberium facility , but only intel about what's nod is doing .

we lost 80% of our bases and blue zone , our last stronghold is in europe , we decided to use spies again . we stopped all attacks on nod so we can make defences on our last stronghold , this time our spies didn't got caught because we used the Nod's own technology which is Stealth , they brought us the place of the time Machine , it's in antartica's RED ZONE . we collected all of our Offensive units and pushed all of our attacks to the machine's location . NOD focused his defences around Antartica and kept some defences around europe so they notice our attacks , in our way to Antartica we found some NOD bases in north africa from the third and fourth tiberium wars and we recovered our technology , and we made a new walker as the new NOD's Walker that Appeared in front of kodiak . We realized that this walker was the redeemer . Our new walker named Mammuth Ion Walker , he's so affective on all types on units and can be an opposite to the nod's walker , but something appeared , something not Nod neither Mutants . it The Scrins . How they came again ?


 Screw Nod , After Scrin Landed on the Earth , we knew that nod Launched an LONG RANGED TIBERIUM MISSILE TO THE SCRIN's From a GDI's Old base . They done this in purpose to provoke the Scrin to attack us and get more time for their plan . But , the GDI's president Decided to send a group of stealth force and infiltrate in the time machine since we know it place , one of the general suggested to travel to the time that GDI found the alient ship crash in the second tiberium war and destroy the tacitus , before Kane aquires it and use it to weaponize the tiberium , so nod will be weak and GDI will permanently eliminate NOD and there will be no THIRD neither Fourth tiberium war , and destroy all CABAL's Cores also before it cause troubles he did in the firestorm war . GDI president agreed this idea and started applying it while defending against Scrin , after other 30 years of war against NOD , SCRIN , FORGOTTEN . GDI has sucessfuly infiltrated into the time machine , They launched it and THEY SENT THE COMMANDERS AND THEIR ARMIES INTO THE PAST DIRECTLY TO THE SECOND TIBERIAIUM WAR . But When our stealth infiltrated ANTARTICA they found it empty of any nod forces , here we wondered why NOD abandoned the base before we reach it ? 10 seconds later we got a transmition from several areas of the earth , ALL has same message " SCRIN TOWER SUDDNLY APPEARED " and we lost contact with our strike force we sent to the second tiberium war age . So we can conclude that our plan has failed and we pushed toward the machine for nothing , fair enough at least we tried and now Nod is ruling the past , another transmition came from a spy , he was in front of it , yes we got the wrong intel , The machine we have is fake ! **** , Nod is a total screw up , he's playing dirty as he would be all the ages , that's enough we gonna use rage tiberium weapon . But , it's over and it's over , Kane is back and this is what's on the screen .


" Finally , my vision has come , GDI it's the time and the only time that you decide if to surrender and join the technology of peace or you will be crushed . This time you gonna be buried once and for all " .


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