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  1. Theres nothing more fun than to make newbs rage quit with Arnolds in TS or engineer apcs in TD...
  2. My words! Reaper time NO!!!!!!!!!!! My Arnolds love them . Me and Mola rekt TIgerr and Energy in a 4 min coffee to go game. Both were angry after that game .
  3. Maybe a VET+ mod? Were Arnolds get tank destroying weapons too, Tanks are stronger, Stealth Tanks cost only 800 $ and have higher armo, bikes can hit flying objects and are as strong as in TD again, buggies are better, and so on? Haha. Lets destroy GDI!
  4. He was an outspoken, entertaining guy, who gave great fun to games by his shittalk, but also, sometimes talked too much . I remember how we played one TD game, and he wanted to finally get me sooooo badly - he just waited for me to do what i always do: Wreck anyone. While i did that, he calmly built up his base and army. He knew the 3vs1 shit wouldnt work on me this time, so he started to lower the game speed to a point where i get nuclear. Then he attacks me when i had to deal with someone else, and gets my cy with an engineer. He was all happy and that kind of stuff; trolling me with shittalk. In the end, i was left with helipads for Orcas only. But then i started mowing him down, harv after harv with my Orcas, which became 20 to the end; and he lost his army to mine. He got economically crippled and didnt know what to do. So he dced the game. After that, i onloaded my anger saying "YES I DID IT DESPITE 3vs1, LOW SHIT SPEED (LAG USAGE) AND BUGS I R**ED YOU"... and he laughed his ass off trolling me even after with phrases like "you are the king but have orcas only" "where was your cy". That was a special game... . He was much better in TS than in TD, that was his real business. Was always fun to arnold him . Here is one vid of him vs me: May you rest in peace, F.Mammy, may the Lord, the objective love itself, in his eternal gratitude find you the best thing, you can have.
  5. FakeMammy died https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/19193550/Michael-Morgan If you want, share your thoughts about him there or here. Let us pray for his soul. Requiescas in pace, FakeMammy. You had a big mouth, but you were a good and fun guy.
  6. I have it with your behaviour. You can hate me as much as you want, i am fine with that; the same for insulting me. But dont slander me, this has to stop. I told the mods and on discord, that i wont take it anymore. I want to have fun here, play games and talk SOME smack, but other than, i want to have my peace. What i can offer is that from now on, we both dont talk anymore to and about each other. As for CncNet, you should think carefuly about it. I want that you talk to this guy and make him stop slandering me and trying to get me banned. You should know what could happen if you punish me and ban me for nothing but let his slanderous remarks go without any consequence: That could make you liable for his comments. As i said previously tho in discord, i dont want freak (legal) stuff, so just do your job propperly and ensure peace. As for the guy himself, as of now, i dont go further. But stop the shit from now, feel free to insult me, but stop the slander and the call for my ban. Now let us have fun with TS and stop the nonsense
  7. Why doesnt he have to get his posts approve? He calls for bans and mutes, he insulted me and others all the time in the nastiest way. He made racist comments, how arabs would "fuck us (meaning whites/germans) out of the country" and stuff like that.
  8. We need more good, talented players. Lets make a TS bootcamp any Friday 20:00 Uhr german time, atleast 1 hour long. Gather as many newbs as you can and then toast them, but show them how to get better. And it would be best if the pro changes from week to week. Anyone with a fairly good skill in regard to atleast some aspects of the game (WW, Mods/Giants, Eco, NOD/GDI...) is welcome! So the higher middle class or experts like Firestar or Kossuth should be interested as well . YOu can announce before it starts, what specifs you want to teach the newbs. Who would be willing to lead such a bootcamp in the comming weeks? (For NME, we could make it 15:00 Uhr or so sometimes). I will beginn next Friday with the first bootcamp with the topic "Small WW-like maps with Vet and FS". Maps: Off-Def, Tiers of Sorrow, Inferno. Small topics: One defs/one rushs with CC; Emp and middle game; combined Arnold rush, counters to (combined) Arnold rushs, Reaper rushs, counter to Reaper rushs.
  9. Foodlion tried to teamkill me in a 2vs2 after 5 mins, when i went cc rush, but he sadly failed. Trojan horse/Teamkiller: Ban for atleast 10 games, but because hes a whiny low iq moron, i give him a 20 games ban
  10. You lie your mouth off (3:1 loss in off def). But noone cares about you, so meh.
  11. Guy who got raped by me 4:1 then with 2 stealths in a 2vs2 and then again in GDI vs GDI on a terr like map after 25 mins with hooverz says what [and: without that BUG (engi was indeed in the cy) i wouldnt have lost but i have mercy and grant you that bug-usage-win, i feel for you - i mean you claim you were drunk every single game i won, so it would be more than ez for me to return the favor, but i have mercy... i am a christian, we have mercy with the weak ]
  12. Good, Anakin, good. I can feel your ANGER: It gives you focus, it gives you... STRENGTH. xD. Christ, some ppl are behaving like clowns here. You ask for the muting of a post about rules in someones game, which is his freedom, and then have a mouth, when i call you out? You got rekt by Nme, and instead of being graceful to me for saving you, you let me die in the game, and spit hate in my face. What does that tell us about you? You care about new players; but in the same post you are insulting me for being a new player lol; is that a comedy scatch? I liked that part about "inflammatory nothingness" tho. Sounds good, but it would fit to your post lol. I just stated facts bro. Mabye you should act not like an "egomakr"? Na, all others are bad people. Was fun to read your stuff, have you something else to add to your comedy scatch?
  13. Shut up. The only thing you can do is mute others. Ask Nme who saved your pathetic a$$ last game from getting owned. Nme beat you like a dog, but i came to rescue you. And you werent capable of sending 5 tanks in 5 minutes lol. You are weaker than the real elite, like NME, egomakr. Its telling tho that you have to ask RA guys, because you know, almost anyone hates you in TS xD. #Sad Lol. I defed all your stuff so easily bro, it was scary. You failed iwth all your attacks, but you had better eco (due to your pos and to harv microing). So you just went for a bomber attack, praying it would work. And then my engineer bugs out, was in the mcv, without repairing it lol. I hope you were in the Zoo lately to thank the bugs for their help . And dont forget to mention the win where i trolled you with GDI (hooverz) in a 25 minute game lol totally dominating you .
  14. What a lying ass you are. Just like you pretended to be my friend just to insult me and threat me like garbadge, you lie about your 3:1 loss on off-def, where you even bagged me for a re. But deny it, as long as you can. I might find your pms from back then? Who knows
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