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  1. Sounds good :D. Nice job! But i dont like clans and all that stuff. Too much background noise, which distracts you from the game. And if someone doesnt like clans, he wont be included in this system. My suggestion: Maybe a "TS league" and/or a "TS Cup" would be fun? You would get many of the newer Elite (Nme, Black, Hitman) and older Elite (Corpsmaker, TopRush, Tiger - maybe some time in the future Zenetusken ;)) to engage, as well as the middle class and maybe some noobs. You could draw the matches for each week/2 weeks, and schedule the date, where they both can play. Any game should be recorded and put up on Youtube for verification; or you could consider it to be sufficient, when both players agree on the end result. It should be best of 3 - more games would take too much time, less would be not enough to judge who was better. A win gives you 3 points, a draw (only possible with short game games/too long games) gives 1. We can implement team games, as well. The maps, which are played, should change by coincidence; and there should be Terr, FF, GSO, Giants, Small Ville, Throwback, Area 51, and so on in the mix, so anyone has fun. You could make instead of a 20 player league make 4 or 5 groups with 4 players, and the best 2 get to the final "KO" stages, like in the World Cup. No matter, what you will chose (a league, a clan system): You should make the rules very clear and transparent. I suggest: - No lag usage (which doesnt necessarily mean you lag; but you use the lag of another guy to get bonus and dont correct it, knowing of the adventage) -> Penalty: Correct unfair adventage (when lag while attack was going on and that prevented your opponent from getting buildings = sell buildings and dont use the $ you got by selling them); if rule breaker refuses to eliminate his bonus -> game lost - No cheats or bug usage (capturing harvs with men sourrinding him for example, or aircraft comming from opposite base, or subs being already underground and still getting killed or units dont attack despite 10 orders) -> If its a cheat (hoppefuly, noone will cheat tho) -> game lost and disqualified from league; -> if its a bug usage: give back the bonus you got from the bug: For example, when you see you didnt lose a building only because of a bug, sell it and dont use the money you got from -> if rule breaker refuses -> game lost; if the bug cant be corrected and is important for the game outcome -> re the game if the bug is plattently unfair and someone uses the bug on purpose to get a bonus -> game lost (for example: Capturing harvs with men sourrounding him) - No harv scout or attack (which includes attacking harvs on purpose)/building past middle/no engi on Giants -> game lost - No advice from spectators -> game doesnt count, spectator loses points/gets kicked out - No time trolling (letting someone sit for 30 minutes until attack) -> draw - No false claim of rule breaking -> game lost - No team selecting by colour usage -> game lost - No trojan horse usage (putting noobs in opponents team or guys play for the other team) -> game lost or, if guy on other team was a fake trojan horse (he just did it for the rule break win) -> re game and disqualify trojan horse (teamkilling after game win is already secured is "legal" tho :D) About the game settings: We should mostly use the common game settings, but change it sometimes for fun. - Short game (can be changed occasionally for example) - Multiple Fac off (can be changed occasionally, if aircraft is not allowed in game) - Multi engi (can be changed occasionally, if you want the feeling of TD back ;D ) - Firestorm off (can be changed occasionally on maps like Smallville, to use hungry Reapers and Joggernaughts :D) - Team build off (can be fun on Terr or GSO tho) - Tech level 10 (can be reduced occasionally on maps with short distance) So thats my advice, what do you think, Blue? Should it be clans only or a league for all? Which rules should apply? Thx for your work and time, your humble VP
  2. Lol. Can you believe there are people, who say, Kane isnt the Messiah? I find that offensive too ;). GDI IS EVIL! VOTE FOR KANE 2020! #PEACETROUGHPOWER
  3. Statistics say more people play RA1. Add to that the TD player count, as well.
  4. GDI propaganda . You are in love, too ;D. You said: You even claimed they only make it for $: But when they make a RA2 remake, they make it for the love of their neighbors? Give me a break :P. The current CncNet statistics show that more people play RA1 than RA2, with TD players not even mentioned. So: How can RA2 be the most popular game, when more people play RA1 (or RA1+TD)? Why do all people mention the TD, RA1 or TS campaign, but not few the RA2 campaign? Why do many remember TD, but not RA2? TD was a milestone, just a unbelievably good game, and had it a better multiplayer (only played the campaign as a kid), more people would play it today. So: To say it would be a big mistake or even unjust for EA to make a TD remake is not very smart: Without TD, no RA2.
  5. Completely false. RA2 lacks substance, style and quality. In its best days, way more people played TD or RA1 than RA2. Ra2 is mostly unit rushing, just like his predecessor. The graphics make it feel like a comic (with bad quality tho), and although some units are a good idea (the Kirovs), its still extremely tank based. Most of RA2 players complain about Yuri, because Yuri is extremely unbalanced. Allies players have to bunker until they have battlefortresses, the only good unit they have. So although RA2 is fun, it has many flaws. You cant compare it to TD. TD has graphics, which make it realistic and gives a feeling of neutral, realistic, 1990s flair to it. You can still be a 1-button-player (tanks for GDI), but it wont be good enough. You have to micro much better, there are many different strategies, GDI and Nod have their own unique ways, and so on. Just unit spam for its own wont solve problems (only if you are a 20-year-constistent-playing-nerd...) and you have so many different maps, which force you to use different strats. The campaign is superb, very interesting and with good actors and was the mother of all in-game-videos. TD was the mother of all C&C games and one of the fathers of real time strategy games. So: TD wins! And for the record: You RA2 guys got your remake with RA3: Where is the difference, its just more chaotic and childly :P.
  6. Biggest two bugs: a) Dumb harvs b) Lag Other bugs: c) 20 inf sourround a sub with 2 engies in, they have to walk atleast 4 steps, and still dont get killed (i mean, we arent in TD here ;)) d) Sub is underground, still gets shot e) Sub gets order to X and does N(X) and so on. If you depend on exact work, you are helpless with these fools called units. They are moving like Battlefield noobs!
  7. Lol. This is the first time, i have to disagree with you Kike ;D. TD is a wonderful game, so is TS. There would be no RA2 without TD. It was the first CC game. It has many bugs (harvs!!!!!!!!, dc!!!!!!!) and as with AoE I, you would bring a big audience back to this wonderful game. It is a sin to say EA did a mistake here. In my opinion, TD and TS are better than RA2 (altough i love the kirovs ;D). After TD, they should make a TS remake, because TS has so big potential and they could easily make it better by giving people more choices and getting a better balance. AND PLEASE EA: GIVE YOUR CYBORGS THE VOICE OF ARNOLD! YOU WOULD ONLY MAKE $ WITH THAT, BELIEVE ME! But i ahve to say, after that, they should make a RA2 remake as well; with even hungrier Kirovs -
  8. Sounds great! But who will select the maps? What is with lag usage? Should specs be on the games to record them neutraly? I for my part dont think putting money in is a good idea. Lets just play for the honor! When will that tournament be hold? And: Wouldnt it be better to make a regular "TS league"?
  9. Well, i can understand your opinion, given the fact, that you lose on Giants 95 % to MP :D. I dont think so tho. Black is superb on WW maps, too.
  10. Who would be the best partner for Black? Maybe Steelcore or Nme on WW maps? Maybe Firestar on mod maps?
  11. Sounds good, i am ready to spec that one! You would need to exchange the $ tho, and that would require non-privacy. I doubt he wants to do that. I guess the normal rules would apply (no multi fac, no firestorm, ...) - what about short game tho? On or off? What about some crazy situations, when both of you cant die (= draw)? What about bugs in game (lag usage for instance)? You both should have the right to chose 3 maps, the 7th map should be chosen by you both i guess? I hope that this will happen, would be awesome :D.
  12. Black would win against everyone in this list 1vs1 on terr, but on any other map as well. Trz, Steel, Nme, Tiger, Toprush, Humble are all ez for Black ;). But we should find out, maybe you play him 1vs1 (Best of 3), so we are all smarter after that :D. And dont insult Giants: We all know the Mod Elite like Momo, Homie, MikePence and MrFirestar would be too hard for your disses :). Am i wrong? Then come and show us how strong you are on Giants ;P.
  13. Mox, thx for your list. But i have to disagree with your explanation: Nme, Steelcore and Corpsmaker are the only one flexible enough on this list for Mod maps, Tiger is ok on giants, but he has to improve to be mod elite ;D. Trz aka Hyena lost against Mike Pence in multiple mod games (team games in GSO and Giants with good teams), then got angry and ran. So if that is your explanation of your list, i would put them all to the lower ranks. From all these players Nme would be the best for mod maps from my experience; so he would get a middlefield place on your list. But i have to critizice one thing: Why is Black not Nr. 1 or 2 on your list? He would eat all others like cake - not only on Terr, but on FF, Desolation, Great Canyon, the other WW maps, Dueling Islands, Giants, GSO, BBG, Smallville, Carnage, Conflict. .
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