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  1. Dont underestimate the power of the dark Side (or Arnolds) ;D. Thx for that inside! Some other pros said letting the inf just fight would be best. Now i know better!
  2. Hahaha, if they cry, it only shows, that they really get their BUD KICKED! Nod inf stronger? Who came up with that? Lol. Maybe someone should make videos "testing units on vet maps" to prove the crazyness. You mean Arnolds, and dont call them "regular", they are special persons XD. And yes, they are stronger on vet maps, but its only fair, because they should make toast out of inf - and they do! Looooooool. As they need more damage! They are only stronger against air craft, and thats fair. I guess some guys dont like them, when they dissrush... Haha, they try to spin it as it would be a Giants Mod? Lol. They arent! I mean, come on, you cant make that up!
  3. The problem is: Normally you go with naders as Gdi, as long as you have not an crazy opponent... But it depends on micro, true: Either the one, who has Naders, uses them well or the one, who has Arnolds, gets them to blow up. If you go straight light inf, you should force fire/attack them one by one with your Arnolds, it worked atleast sometimes. That leads me to another question: Should you just let Arnolds fight by their own or should you force fire with them soldier after soldier? Whats better with normal inf? And is guard mode effective in an inf battle? If you dont want to give up secrets, i fully understand that
  4. Haha, Nme showed you! He sent 6 Arnolds to you and rekt your army, then you complained about this "cheap tactic". When i got your army with Arnolds the game before, you blamed your ally. Question is: Are they really op? Sometimes Nme and I r using them so well, that i really think they are! lol
  5. Hungry Mike

    HELP :(

    Grant is a smart, allknowing person; he knows, what hes saying (lol)
  6. Arnolds are Arnolds ;P. Black said a Arnold rush is op, "not defendable" lol.
  7. Black complained that Arnolds and early harv bombs are op and "cheap tactics" Some other ppl think the same way. But are they? I mean, not only are Arnolds cute, they need beef, too. They have feelings! Nme rekt Black with them and he got mad. But you can make the point that on the other hand on non vet maps naders are op. Gdi has many cheap tactics, only because many ppl use them doesnt make them "not cheap" (rich?). What do you think?
  8. What are the best tracks of TS? Feel free to give us your ranking! Give just points between 1-10: Valves: 4 (i heard it too often) Dusk Hour: 7 (nice starting, then it gets less exciting) Flurry: 2 (horrible) Mutants: 2 (nice idea (for Arnolds), but i cant listen to it) Approach: 7 (fits the TS atmosphere, nice development) Gloom: 5 (start takes too long and is kind of boring, the part after that is very good tho) Infrared: 4 (i cant hear it for long, because the noices are so crazy) Mad Rap: 5 (nice start, the rest is only good for a short period of time) Red Sky: 8 (i like that, so calm and still with action, you can feel its the silence before the storm) Ion Storm: 10 (just superb, how it fits to the TS feeling; so apocalyptic, mystic and still so calm) Time Bomb: 6 (good for in a hurry situations in game) What Lurks: 7 (just nice) Heroism: 5 (some good and some bad elements) Lone Trooper: 8 (great, catches the atmosphere and the idea of a lone guy in the tiberium desert) Scout: 5 (start bad, then it gets better, but i cant hear it with joy for a long time) Elusive: 4 (nice idea, but i cant hear it for long) Hacker: 3 (almost horrible) Infiltration: 1 (hoooooorible) Link Up: 1 (horrible) Killing Machine: 2 (horrible, too much mindless boomboom) Rain in the night: 9 (wonderful) Slave to the system: 4-5 (not good, not bad, not ugly) Deploy the machines: 6 (nice start, then it gets less exciting, still ok tho) So thats my ranking: Whats yours?
  9. Haha Hamed, nice work! But where are the Arnolds ;D
  10. Heres a new video from EA about that exactly that topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikJLYYTrIxs&feature=youtu.be They dont want to replace the old videos because of the performances of wonderful people like Eric Martin or Joe Kucan (our Messiah Kane) and i respect that. I would have accepted new videos, too; but i love the nostalgia of the old videos and the better quality!
  11. They get no food! Shame on me! xD
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