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  1. Who is the boss in the houshold, Black? (xD) You can limit your gaming time; but giving the thing you love up, because a woman wants it - tell that men in the past 6000 years. (xD) (You know, I am Mike Pence...)
  2. What? How can a game have a negative impact on your mental health? Were you too greedy?
  3. If you divide them well and have enough sams, bombers are useless. Steelcore uses arts most of the time from early game on, and he finds the right mix with roket men and tiny fodder (lasers). But even he gets dissed, when he relies on arts too much.
  4. Hahaha. But interesting: Thx for your view on the matter! So a Radar can be comfortable even for pros and people used a cheat in the early times of TS? Haha, didnt know that! Well, i agree with all you said (except the little drive-by-shot at my sneaky CC attack ). You are also right with Nade losing to this CC: A missing Radar wasnt the reason for it; but it could have helped - although he wouldnt have gotten enough $ for his diss rush without selling it, so yeah. I think against HItman, with all i speced at Terr, it could be helpful for his opponents to keep the Radar, when in middle game... he always sneaks with disses into a base, while attacking with tits, and does it quiet successfully. Thx for the inside information!
  5. I know its seen like a sin to TS pros, they all sell their radars; and rightly so. But 5 days ago, a new player asked me, whether Radars can be good accassionly. Since i am only middle tier, i would like to hear the opinions of the wise, high ranks of TS: Can keeping a radar be good in a certain time? Did you ever keep it and did this ever help you winning a game? For instance: I played a 3vs3 against Nate 1 week ago. He was so hungry to get my seemingly badly defed base, that he went diss rush; while his rush got rekt, i CCed his whole base. I ask myself: Wouldnt he have survived, would he have kept his radar alive? Who knows...
  6. Mola rekt Corps 4:0 and 6:2 at Terr. Hes a beast, a winning machine. He is good in long game, too. But even if not: That doesnt matter, because if you are so good in early game, that you wreck anyone in it like he does, you dont even need a long game... And the fast game speed is good, wouldnt you agree? I mean: You dont want laggy games, i guess.... Arts can be very effective on large maps, true. But in early game, you are still easy food for disses. So it depends on the playstyle: The longer you are in the game, the more usefull arts become; i agree. With Firestorm: WW tried to rebalance the game. They made arts useless against disses, but they gave Nod Reapers, who are more effective against disses/carryals. So i dont think FS is that bad or the arts are that useless; it requires changing the playstyle to the new settings; and i guess - although i play TS multiplayer only since 2017/18 - many players didnt like to change their beloved playstyle.
  7. Arts are bad against tits compared to tanks in early or middle game. The same for well microed disses. Its only fair that, if you are in later game and survived the GDIs strength (rushs), you have an adventage as Nod. Your speculation about the WW team knowing/not knowing about the art range effect sounds substantive to me, i would agree on that. But what Beethoven, Bach or Monteverdi wanted with their notes doesnt change anything about the notes; the intention can be a tool to interprete the note, but it cant replace the notes without destroying the original workpiece. The same for TS: If they misscalculated it or not, doesnt matter; their intention doesnt make X good or bad. The question is: Is is it good or bad? And i dont see any problem with artillery nor do i think they are op. For instance in Terr, you dont see the best (Nod) player, Mola, using them much, instead he goes for other stuff, and only later builds artillery.
  8. Black is just jealous
  9. I love Reapers !!! They are so cute and just mow down anything, heal in tib, stop inf.
  10. You just ignore the arguments. If you dont like harv bombs, you can select harvester truce. You do not, therefore you accept harv bombs. But then to cry about it, is confusing.
  11. Its simple: It isnt forbidden, it isnt a bug or cheat, therefore it is allowed. You agreed on the terms by not putting harvester truce on BEFORE the game. The same people who complain about that use quing disses, sub bugs, and so on. Its just not nice, when Nod gets better. And i have to say: WeaponX showed in the last 2 months, that he is for now the best and can wreck any GDI.
  12. I agree. Harv bombs are nasty, but belong to the game. Its sneaky, its dirty, its NOD. They just complain, because they are ANGRY
  13. We have now January 2020. He got a ban for 7 months now. Its time to get over! Even tho hes a traitor and acts sometimes very selfish, its time for mercy. We are all sinners in our ways! Its just not fun to shittalk with him and he cant respond. I propose you atleast lift his game talk ban. I mean: After 2 years, i now respect Ferret again and forgot about the trouble before; its time to move on. Look at Zizou, who constantly tries to debase Phil in the game lobby; he only gets punishments from 1-7 days. Compared to that, Chem is an angel. Or look at the TS community: We always shit talk a little bit... but the day after it, its all forgotten. And if he behaves badly again, you can just ban him again.
  14. Yeah, the new ladder looks good! Hope it will be a success ... and maybe a TS league is added, too - if not, was worth a try #TS2020 and you know who the VP should be
  15. Hi You played C/C 4? My condolences xD Age of Empires - ah, a great game. But you missed AoE I... wolololo!
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