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  1. Tell Steam to make it possible to buy the game in a normal way, not through some internet pay shit.
  2. Lets go back to the topic. As i said earlier, its just one month, and its absolutely normal for a Ladder that the rate of users is volatile. But something that will infect the user rate big time is allowing team games in the ladder. The same for allowing Giants to be a part of it. The biggest reason why people dont use it i guess is that they are afraid to get raped by better players. But the more noobs play, the more wins they will possibly get against each other and the more fun they will have; and then we will have more players. So: If you really want more players, allow team games and put Giants in the pool. The better approach in the longrun would be in my opinion tho to just make it a league. To include ALL you could change between Vet and NonVet randomly, the same for the map that is played. We dont have to play all on one day, some are lazy or log off, are in holidays, and so on. Make it so flexible, that people can come back and play all their missed games even 1 or 2 months later. I really think, many would love to be a part of that. So you say: X is unfair, but its wrong to make it fair. Very smart! So unfairness is good, fairness is bad. But fair = good, bad = unfair; so bad is not bad, good is not good = Logical error (Socrates said that 2400 years ago, and ppl still dont get it lol), so you make no sense. You talked so much, and still dont criticize one specific thing vet changed. What is that mysterious "fucking with the unit specs"? 8 Tanks cant get bombed to death by one shot, 2 tits wont q-kill Nod's supposedly finest weapon (CC), Arnolds wont be shit against the thing they should eat up for breakfest (inf) anymore, Tib on map is fair, Stealth tanks can q, a thing many dreamed about for quiet some time... - is that what you mean by "fucking" with them? lol You didnt even know that Stealth tanks can shoot flying objects (even on purely original TS) 3 weeks ago but want to lecture others, thats amusing. You know the german title of "We were soldiers" means "We were heroes". I guess it would be a movie about you. A hero, whos great intellect and superior mindset frightened the universe; a guy, who was merciful enough to share in the fruits of his Einstein-Bach-Platon like brain with some plebs... who enlightened the TS community for decades, when darkness was the only thing in the room. Lol. Please clap. You dodged Mola and farmed a noob to get that prize, but criticize others for using more than one name, lol. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.
  3. Microing harvs is a "sin" before Kane haha, its bowing down and doing the cleaning job when someone else is paid to exactly that (the programmers). So i refuse to do it Ye you are good. But Trooper was ez food for me. True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fact of the matter is: The vanila crybabies are outnumbered by the many people, who love the Vet Patch! So feel free to let the ladder be as it is or change it; i still like the job you are doing
  4. Nice try to make me angry with slander. It just shows what kind of a character you have. But it doesnt work Chem.
  5. Of course, Chem, you arent Chem, we all know you are it, but ye, pretend you are not. Nice try to make me angry, but you dont need to forgive me for anything, because i didnt do anything to you. You behave so badly, its quiet sad. You just try to insult and provoke any other pro and just have no manners. You still dodge me in TD. Who cares tho, i would do the same, if i would lose all the time (6:0, 6:2...) haha.
  6. Chem seeks for attention, so sad. As for the remaster: Now that they finally made the speed better, i want to buy it. Then i find out you cant buy it in a normal store, but you have to use some online shit for Steam. I dont like that at all; giving information away to some companies (PayPal) only to buy a game for 20 €. I guess its too hard for Steam to just use a normal bank transaction? Rofl.
  7. Why should they? I thought we play for fun; and if that gives them fun, so be it. You can be a noob there or good, too. I guess MrFirestar would rape almost anyone on 1vs1 Giants lol. Na, you know better Mola :P. There are Giants pros, who are shit on WW, and other way around. For instance: MrFirestar is a beast in Giants, but hes weak on WW; and thats normal. Trooper on the other hand got slaughtered by me in a 3vs1 (3 vs me) in Giants. Even Zenetusken lost in Giants, and he was the Über-Pro 2 years ago. And think about Visc: This map is so shitty, it makes your iq drop! You would deny then the good effort of many people, who play it; and take their ability away to show what they can and learn WW. And who cares what someone thought how the game should be played? I only care for what God wants me to do - we are here to have fun in the few days we have. And mod maps can be fun too 100 % agreed.
  8. If Lovehandles sees the leader of the forces of Nod in TD, he has to look
  9. Deployed Tick tank vs tit wins, i tried it. It could be a special case, but i will test it again and maybe upload it both on Vanila and on Vet. Both cost the same (800 $). And yeah the name suggests Tits are stronger, but Gdi gave the name - its just propaganda ;). And they are still better: Tanks still are too stupid to attack what you order them to attack when deployed; and they are still much easier to get bombed away.
  10. First of all: All the 3-5 crybaby vanila pharisees hoped for the day to come, when less players use the ladder. But its normal for summer time. We dont need high activity any month. Looking from this day, the ladder is still a success. But if you want more people to play it, you have to factor in the reasons, why people wouldnt want to play, and "terminate" these reasons. 1) Noobs are scared to face a tough competitor. This remains true even for the highest ranks: I guess Black wouldnt enter the ladder game, when he knows or thinks Mola is in there waiting for him lol (😗). 2) You have to wait hours to get someone else. People get games much easier in regular game lobbies, and the games are more fun there (team games). 3) Most noobs play Giants only, but is Giants even included in the ladder? 4) A very very small group of 3-5 people cry for "BUG+ maps only" in the Ladder. Possible Solutions: 1) Make teamgames on the ladder possible . 2) Make 2 leagues: League A for the pros/middle tier and League B for the noobs. People can select what they are before they start. If noobs are blind and think they are pros, they will get roasted and leave League A very fast. Some of League A would be relegated after a "season" to League B, and the winners from League B come to League A. The WInner of League A could earn a special medaillon and a special name ("Champion-XY") after the season. 3 points/win, 1 point/wash or draw. 3) Let GIants be part of it, if it is not yet, so noobs use it. 4) Dont cave to the very, very small fraction of Vanila Pharisees. If you go back to Vanila you would lose all the people you got by bringing in fair and balanced maps (like Mola, NME or me for instance). But you could bring in Vanila maps in the pool, too. I understand the reasoning tho, not to do that. 5) Change the settings from Month to Month to give it a special note. Maybe Firestorm? 9999 $ instead of 10000 $ (lol)? Fog of War?
  11. I love firestorm! You have to make it noob friendler. FInd a way to get them
  12. If proper maps are only your BUG+ maps, noone will play other than you. The ladder is a success, there is no obligation that every month anyone plays it. And the poll for the 1 username only showed the TS majority is against 1 user name only. So your motion is DISMISSED
  13. "My Arnolds are hungry" - Mike Pence, 2020 "Jesus ows me 20 fake sandwiches" - Mike Pence, 2020 "Bugs" - Mike Pence, 2020 "If - you -see - a - Diss, build an O-be-lisk" Mike Pence, 2020 "Mike, the only bugs there are, are in your head" NME, 2020 "PEACE THROUGH POWER" KANE "No vet, no win" Tigerr, 2020 "Feeding time" (for Arnolds) NME, 2020 "I only play before Christmas" Dazirelan, 2018 and 2019, now played in may of this year "Arnolds are op" Fake Mammy, 2020 "Pence you are a b*t*h", 2019 A RA player, after i tanyaed him "My engineers need beef" Mike Pence in TD 2018, 2019, 2020... "Tasty" Mike Pence in TD 2018, 2019, 2020
  14. There are "Energy" and "Rob", but no more. Idk, whether they are the ones you mentioned or not. But who cares? We live in the year 2020.
  15. Ahahaha, you didnt even know you got trolled? Buhahaha, then the stealth tanks on top xD. I managed to make a spec rage quit! Isnt that something? Completely agreed. The same for the guy, who lost to that noob Mike Pence, when he had only one hand left. He even managed to hijack one's mcv! lol. Oh, i forgot, that was you! Buhahahaha!
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