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  1. I disagree. (xD) As Joe Biden would say: Come on, man.
  2. 1) 100 % agree. There are too many (vanila) terr bots. We have so many fun maps, so interesting set-ups on all these different maps. Its a shame they arent able (lack the intelligence) to adapt. 2) No question about it: You win all the time against him, even on vanila terr. He has a superb mk control and good diss rush attacks and adapted well to your nod at right side with using a tit rush, which got you some games. But he simply loses too often to you. 3) Ppl use all possible things to complain, but this is redicilous. If Gdi vs Gdi without Star Mk, Ion or Wolves, its exactly the same as in Vanila. So its just blattently lying, if someone says that these games "dont count". 4) Call them Arnolds ;). And na, Arnolds are much better: But thats good and FAIR. Gdi has endless op units, and they cry when nod gets a decent inf unit, that is still ez for their tits, rpgs or bombers? Lolz. With stealth tanks: They can be a good weapon in middle or long game...
  3. False. I would be silent, if i were you. I dced because you called me "f*g" after 30 seconds 3 times as a teammate. He then ignored my right to dc after these comments in the first 30 secs, AFTER you HAD called me that before multiple times as well and banned me, because he was ANGRY to lose a game against me he thought he would win ez. Was nice taking you down btw, little namehiding noob.
  4. To be fair, after i won in the bbg "3vs3" against you hitman (doing all by myself, killing all 3 opponents, defing all), you banned me too after i had a big-mouth-moment
  5. I didnt say that. Wtf? Lol. You are making stuff up. I only said some shittalk, after Mola shittalked because of being angry at me after a wash haha; normal procedure. I dont know why you cant apologize for your bad behaviour against Nme. But i guess Nme will have his revenge someday and just troll you with one of his maps
  6. Well, they wanted to ban you from the server. So you want that? Lol. I dont know what happened or who is right. But maybe some "witnesses" will tell us? Idk. My point is: Even if Hitman used the map, it shouldnt be that much of a drama.
  7. Ppl complained that Hitman used a bug/cheat in a map: Building 2 gates and tower, then selling tower to get 50 k $. They claim he even made that map, he denies having made the map. Some of them want him to be banned for it. But i dont think thats fair to him. First of all, he is free to make any map he wants. Nme made the superb arnold maps for terrace for fun purposes only - so why cant Hitman troll with a map to make us laugh? Second of all, noone brought evidence that he made the map. The deciding matter tho is that if we ban anyone who uses a bug, the only guy left would be me (;P haha). Do you want to ban ppl for cliff bugs, sub bugs or mammy's famous building-barr-in-opponents-base-after-20-secs-of-the-game-bug? Give me a break. He lost the games he played on the map, if he didnt tell you about the bug use/cheat possibility; but thats it. If you dont want his maps, you can just change their names to make it clear to anyone what map it is; or delete them. Dont ban people for trolling lol, Hitman has a big mouth, but thats common for Ts players! I heard he did it on ladder games: Then just change the results of the games he played; but be careful: Where will it end? I mean i could give you many exemples of ppl using bugs in ladder games (sub underground bug). Just let it go, and delete the maps from the ladder games.
  8. New shit talk phrases: "Ez cake" - Me and Dgt, 2020 "Ts is full of morons" - Mola, after he lost with Dgt again (lol) "Noob poops" - Computer, 2020, refering to some giants players "A big fat moron farm" - Mike Pence, 2019, refering to some giants players "You suck socks" - NME, 2020 "Put that cookie down" - Arnold, NME, Mike Pence, MammySY "Pence just jews me, he uses jewish tactits like stealths" - MammySY 2020 "i call it Tiberian Retards its dangerous to much with them you might end up becoming one of them look at daz", NME 2020 "Get good" - John 2018, 2019, 2020
  9. You got rekt in our last 4 1vs1s too ez, Cabal; and had an excuse every time lol. So i guess we all know who the monkey in this picture is.
  10. Hahahaha or Stealth Hijackers... stealth limpet drones
  11. Ye, but i meant just the normal sub. You could of course use a monster too haha
  12. Hungry Mike


    . "problem solved" .
  13. Make inf eating subs, who come out from the ground, eat inf and directly go back underground lol.
  14. As a guy who plays TS a lot (besides TD), i can asure you, it is strange for ANY one, TS players included. I apprechiate your honesty, many would talk some smack to hide the real reason they want terr. But you are a guy with enough IQ to play more than 1 map; and you do play many different maps, to your credit. But why should we care for the comfort zone of a very tiny fraction? I dont think if there would be terr only on ladder, it would solve any problem at all; more so, i think, it would create even more problems. The interesting thing with the ladder is you can get any map in a big map pool and have to adapt to the probably unknown. I wouldnt say so, Mola. For many new commers, WW is extremely toxic: Its very hard, full with issues like moron harvs, tough micro and macro, bugs, op GDI... and most noobs get kicked out. Their only chance to enjoy and learn TS is Giants. Its the "cursus honorum" of TS lol: You start as a little pawn in Giants, then get better and better there, then play BBG, GSO, Small Ville and other semi-WW maps, and then finally you play Terr, Throwback, Crossroads, Off Def... Most just lack the IQ to get beyond a low class Giants figher. I asked it: And i still ask it: Are TS players inferior to TD or RA pros, who play a big pool of maps? If not: Why do some depend on Terr? I thought they are intelligent and smart; or did i sadly mistaken?
  15. New results: Ray won against Mola (idk how high) so 3 points to Ray. Mola won against Firestar 2:0, 3 points for Mola. I won against Integ 2:1, 3 points for me . I heard John won against Rob, but idk. So current stance on that test table: Mola 9 Ray 3 MikePence 3 Firestar 0 Integ 0 Dazi 0 Tell or show me some other game results, if you have them!
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