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Sahara Wars Map


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Hi everyone I made a new map named 'Sahara Wars' which is an alternate to 'Giants of War'. I made this map similar to Giants of War but more ground battle friendly. There are 3 paths to each base. two of the roads are guarded while the center road is unguarded. Note that to activate defenses, one of the players (at each side) must capture the radio station which is located at each base with 1 engineer. By doing that, defense systems will activate. Map has auto ally. Hope you guys enjoy playing the map.


sahara wars_wtf_ovo_1.4.2[4v4].mpr

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hi everyone. i made another version of sahara wars and named it sahara wars x. I made it in 2 variations one is the default sahara wars mod and the other with giants mod. The difference is in sahara wars x there is only center path to each base. its the closest version to giants. Thanks to b5k7 for fixing preview for both maps.

sahara wars x_wtf_ovo_1.2.1[4v4].mpr sahara wars x_[gm]wtf_ovo_1.2.1[4v4].mpr

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