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  1. topol

    Sahara Wars Map

    hi everyone. i made another version of sahara wars and named it sahara wars x. I made it in 2 variations one is the default sahara wars mod and the other with giants mod. The difference is in sahara wars x there is only center path to each base. its the closest version to giants. Thanks to b5k7 for fixing preview for both maps. sahara wars x_wtf_ovo_1.2.1[4v4].mpr sahara wars x_[gm]wtf_ovo_1.2.1[4v4].mpr
  2. topol

    Sahara Wars Map

    I have made an extended version of this map so called it Sahara Wars II. Map is slightly wider. And I added second wall ring around the middle tibs which makes it more strategic. sahara wars ii_wtf_ovo_1.0.0[4v4].mpr
  3. topol

    Sahara Wars Map

    Thanks bk57. Thats a good question. I don't know This is the last version of the map 1.4.5 sahara wars_wtf_ovo_1.4.5[4v4].mpr
  4. My maps include minor extra balances but no cheating, except VAMPIRISM which is survival map 1 Nod vs 6 GDI, this map has lots of tweaks.
  5. Hi everyone I made a new map named 'Sahara Wars' which is an alternate to 'Giants of War'. I made this map similar to Giants of War but more ground battle friendly. There are 3 paths to each base. two of the roads are guarded while the center road is unguarded. Note that to activate defenses, one of the players (at each side) must capture the radio station which is located at each base with 1 engineer. By doing that, defense systems will activate. Map has auto ally. Hope you guys enjoy playing the map. sahara wars_wtf_ovo_1.4.2[4v4].mpr
  6. please add these maps to whitelisted I am the author of all these maps my id is "Wtf_Ovo". Thanks 64228eee848af4af7181f9c611065b9493af015c c5640bc55c9d732f69cf462c0f1e4fbe6b9776d0 a6084c13b66c48381100f54c810354b419928a5f fcf581f1fb31263dd0b4f8d30d4eb403068855d3 9b6ca15e8b7af1700c07dd5104b68b3b067a37fb a6084c13b66c48381100f54c810354b419928a5f 544c640505ffea8809fc9e413cb523ac78682e25 d7aa9c8f26642a188ed22170757a11a62c4e95f7 1a4f876c7a81eba43cdebffbe2de70cfcf51a5d2
  7. topol

    Fatality map

    Version 3.4.2 change log: - max troop build queue increased to 30 from 5 - ghost stalker speed increased by 1 - harvester speed increased to 12 from 10 - harvester capacity reduced to default value (28) from 60 - tiberium value increased to 45 from 25 - gdi / nod wall adjacency increased to 6 from 4 I have also added two new versions which have a laser fence around the center tower. fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_[3v3].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_[4v4].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_fences_[3v3].mpr fatality_wtf_ovo_3.4.2_fences_[4v4].mpr
  8. I've played one map with Holland's oil derricks. It's so innovative. One can create lots of different cool scenarios with this. 👍👍
  9. topol

    Fatality map

    Version 3.3.5 change log: - fixed a problem with gdi artilery - fixed wrong text message when tunnels open - gates have become wider - number of sams reduced by 4 at each gate except the middle gate - meteor shower removed from fatality mod - artilleries strength reduced to 250 from 300 - mcv cost reduced to 2500 from 3500 - mcv sight increased to 9 from 6 - jumpjet flying speed increased by 50% Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.3.5 [3v3].map Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.3.5 [4v4].map
  10. topol

    Fatality map

    Hi everyone. These are the two maps i have been working on for a couple of weeks. These maps are based on another map by me called Brutality map which is harder than this one. Brutality map is still in progress and i'll upload it later. This is a multiplayer map and has two sides East and West that will be fighting each other. Unlike any other maps that all players more or less have equal access to resources and have quite the same tasks to do, in this map its a little different. This map truly requires teamwork. There are 7 towers in the map located on every gate each. By capturing the towers, players will own map sams. Towers are recapturable. There are 4 tunnel lines placed in the map which connects the battleground to the last camps. Tunnels will open after 60 min of game time After 120 min of game time, Fatality mod will activate, In Fatality mod, map will reveal to all players, all map sams will be destroyed and a meteor shower will happen at each tunnel entrance. Resources are located all the way back to the last camp. So players do not have equal access to resources at the beginning. Back players, (players 4 and 8 in 4v4 or players 3 and 6 in 3v3) are closest to the resources and also are safer than frontier players which are farther from resources and less safe. Back players must support frontier players. They should build an mcv soon and move it toward the first gate which is the battlefront and help teammates in the battle. Frontier players must build outward and send their next mcv back to the last camp and build their next refineries there. Middle players can either build out and send the next mcv back to the last camp or build back in and send the next mcv out to the battlefront. This map includes extra balances and new troops (snipers). Have Fun. Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.1.6 [3v3].map Fatality By Wtf_Ovo Ver 3.1.6 [4v4].map
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