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RA1 - Reconnect Tournament


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RA1 - Reconnect Tournament introduction:

We’re glad to announce the RA1 Reconnect 2 vs 2 tournament. This tournament is meant to bridge the gap between pro-players, regular players, new players and rusty players. 

As I’ve (Philly) noticed the last 16 months on CnCnet, there are only a few tourneys hosted. Competitive tourneys where the best players/best teams participate. For regular, new or rusty player it’s not an option to compete in these tourneys because it will become a massive beating.

That’s why we are organizing FUN-tournaments where we “Connect” a good/pro player with a regular player. The main-thing during this tourney is to enjoy, to have fun, to learn and to make CnCnet just a happier place to visit ?


-      Only verified players by the tourney-organization are allowed to play. (teamkillers, cheaters and people who are “ignored” are not allowed to participate)

-      Each team consist of two players. Teams must be balanced, so a "pro" should team up with a "non-pro", although the term "pro" is defined very vague. Please remember this tourney is meant for fun and to learn how to become a more “constant” player. (teams consisting of players of the same clan are NOT allowed, so you need to mix it up). 

-      This tourney is best of 5 games until the semi-finals (best of 7) and the final/3rd (best of 9).  

-      Game settings are: speed 7 – 10.000 credits - 0 units - tech level 10, bases on. Teams A/B must be set pre-game.

-      One of the teams should use the "!gamble L R" command in lobby to determine the playing side - if you can't agree sides in advance.

-      If a game gonna lag too much or disconnect, the referee will decide either to remake the game or to determine the winner according to the game situation. In any case every player should save the game stats as possible proof.

-      2/3 persons are allowed to live-stream all matches via Twitch/Mixerr.

-      Each game will have a spectator who acts as neutral referee (not member of a playing team). A referee can also be not accepted if one team disagrees, so a new one must be suggested. (referees:))

-      Teams must check in up to 15 minutes before their match start.

-      Be respectful and play fair (insults, racism, threats or any other verbal attacks lead to a disqualification).

-      Report results (win, date, players) to (MutedPhilly) or an other member of the tourney-organization, more info soon!

-      The maps will be:

1.    tba soon!

2.     tba soon!

3.     tba soon!


Date: T.B.A.


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