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  1. IMHO you just need to do some more research and practise on how to defend air attacks. Only 2 or 3 players ever complained about "air attacks", but that's because they are unable to handle and defend those attacks. It's all in the game dear Lee-13... When countries go at war in real life you cant ask for example the Israelis to NOT USE AIR ATTACK because it's overpowered and unbalanced 🙊. Good Luck my nibbah!
  2. Hi Guys, A befriended-long time RA1-player names WorstPlayer is banned all of a sudden. I've checked the logs but I can't find any reason why he could have been banned. I asked NateDiaz for intel, he checked it and tried to unban but that didn't work. I sent Funky a private message via Discord but no response, so that's why I'm posting this topic. Could someone please unban him? Or if he's banned could you explain to me why, so I can tell him because he has no idea why he has been banned. The Scunthorpe-ban is only for 5 mins, but it seems he's banned for a longer period. He's a decent player, he doesn't use foul language, so please let me know. <WoRsTpLaYeR> SCUNTHORPE FC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21:59] :[email protected] MODE #cncnet +b [email protected] [21:59] SpamServ kicked WoRsTpLaYeR (Badword has been found in channel message [Be friendly! 5minute ban].) Error:Cannot join game you are banned
  3. I have to rephrase: Lovehandles reacted in private, so there was a response!
  4. Also replied in the official CNCNet Discord, but still no reaction, 2.5 hours later... 20 mods, nobody time to respond
  5. Mike ofcourse not. Zizou has been banned a few times again during the last 2 months, but hey I guess they tolerate Zizou's racist behavior. Still not unmuted atm. I'm being muted on purpose for some extra time here....
  6. Lovehandles telling people I can reach him on Discord, but he blocked me there....I can't reach him for 2 months since my mute. Mute is 100% over today, not the 21st, not the 22nd. Everybody knows, I have all logs,, all have seen the logs. Even blocked me totally on the CNCnet Discord server so I can't reach any admin for help...
  7. Hi guys, exactly 5 minutes again my 60 day mute is over on CNCNet, but I still can't talk in game, please fix that! thanks!
  8. Philly here, Sadly I'm muted for 2 months, I was always helping the new players to get more familiar with the game. me & crew mostly play defensive maps, but I'm experiencing the same issues that "pro's" join noob games. That means you just have to kick out the people you don't know, every single game. That's how the pro's do it, to make sure no noobs join & ruin their games. That's what I'm doing in defense maps: everybody joins "Defense pro" maps, why they can't even finish the Defense Challenge on easy settings 😉 Sick and tired about defense noobs like BA_Layzie, Sugartank and a few other morons who think they are pro 😉
  9. RA1 - Reconnect Tournament introduction: We’re glad to announce the RA1 Reconnect 2 vs 2 tournament. This tournament is meant to bridge the gap between pro-players, regular players, new players and rusty players. As I’ve (Philly) noticed the last 16 months on CnCnet, there are only a few tourneys hosted. Competitive tourneys where the best players/best teams participate. For regular, new or rusty player it’s not an option to compete in these tourneys because it will become a massive beating. That’s why we are organizing FUN-tournaments where we “Connect” a good/pro player with a regular player. The main-thing during this tourney is to enjoy, to have fun, to learn and to make CnCnet just a happier place to visit 😉 Rules - Only verified players by the tourney-organization are allowed to play. (teamkillers, cheaters and people who are “ignored” are not allowed to participate) - Each team consist of two players. Teams must be balanced, so a "pro" should team up with a "non-pro", although the term "pro" is defined very vague. Please remember this tourney is meant for fun and to learn how to become a more “constant” player. (teams consisting of players of the same clan are NOT allowed, so you need to mix it up). - This tourney is best of 5 games until the semi-finals (best of 7) and the final/3rd (best of 9). - Game settings are: speed 7 – 10.000 credits - 0 units - tech level 10, bases on. Teams A/B must be set pre-game. - One of the teams should use the "!gamble L R" command in lobby to determine the playing side - if you can't agree sides in advance. - If a game gonna lag too much or disconnect, the referee will decide either to remake the game or to determine the winner according to the game situation. In any case every player should save the game stats as possible proof. - 2/3 persons are allowed to live-stream all matches via Twitch/Mixerr. - Each game will have a spectator who acts as neutral referee (not member of a playing team). A referee can also be not accepted if one team disagrees, so a new one must be suggested. (referees:)) - Teams must check in up to 15 minutes before their match start. - Be respectful and play fair (insults, racism, threats or any other verbal attacks lead to a disqualification). - Report results (win, date, players) to (MutedPhilly) or an other member of the tourney-organization, more info soon! - The maps will be: 1. tba soon! 2. tba soon! 3. tba soon! Date: T.B.A.
  10. Funky thanks for your reply. This morning for example Zizou was harassing rio, openly in the lobby.. no ban, no kick, no mute. Funky question: I talked with many players about "ignoring" zizou. In stead of 40 ppl muting zizou because he's causing troubles in the lobby for months now, would there be a better solution by just muting him? because zizous issues becomes everybody's issue this way? If not doing something about the "problem" itself, the problem will never solve itself 😉
  11. Dear CNCnet Community, Administrators & Moderators, For the people who don’t know me, i’m Dr.Philly. I have a couple of serious issues to address regarding CNCnet, the policy and mainly troubles with a wellknown player called Zizou. Let me start at the beginning: When i rejoined CNCnet after 24 years, immediately i had a discussion with zizou because he was harassing multiple persons. I kindly asked please not to be rude and all of a sudden i got private messages from Zizou in Dutch in where “he would rape my wife and daughter”. He even said more worse things but at that time I chose to ignore it (i usually dont ignore such things). And actually from that moment on for 9 months now, he’s harrassing me daily, all day in the Lobby. Seriously for 9 months in a row. I’ve spoken to multiple PRO-players, to admins and moderators to please make it stop, because i really dont want Zizou to get hurt in real life. Last couple of months he kept harrassing me, treatening me and also treatening other players, for many many years. I’ve spoken to many people and it seems the admins and mods are just ignoring these kind of things. But when i say something (non racist) about politics: I’ve been kicked and banned multiple times. That even lead to a ban for 24 hours (yesterday). I understand i didn’t obey the rules with my talks about politics, but what about Zizous behaviour for the last 4 years? I’ve read on the forums that many ppl are and were complaining about Zizou and that just really nobody does a thing. I’ve had some talks with funky over this, same with Lovehand and i really don’t want to be negative, because i appreciate their “help” but guys: why kick/ban me (and others) for not obeying the rules and Zizou can just keep harrassing me and everybody else, every hour, every day, for many months and years now? Last couple of weeks I’ve first reported everything (with screenshots). I guess a mod has talked with Zizou over this because he was a bit less “harrassing: but when Lovehand isn’t there Zizou starts because he knows the other mods and admins really don’t care – as long as you guys can play your games right? (no offence though). Everytime I hear: “Well we need more evidence”, “I’m going to talk to him” etc… and a few hours later it all starts again. So i’ve decided to put that moron on ignore and i’ve received many many messages that he kept harrassing me, so i kept reporting that… Whats the conclusion now: I’ve been banned for a day by Lovehand, while Zizou keeps on treatening people, harrassing me (i’ve received screenshots from really nice people on CNCnet about this) and I keps reporting but at the end: Philly received a 1 day ban, for talking about politcs and what’s wrong with the world. Can someone tell me, why nobody acts on Zizous behaviour? When is someone gonna do someting? And wit hso something i dont mean a “5-minute kick” for Zizou, but make him clear, that it has to stop after many many years of harrassments by zizou? I think a 1-month ban for zizou would still be a nice punishment for that guy, why doesn’t this happen? Other issues: I’ve reported multiple teamkillers and imposters (which is not allowed) who kept killing games for months. I’ve reported Ruigi and Mcgregor about 20 times, with screenshots etc and still nothing happens. I’m reporting these guys, because I too want some more peace in the main Lobby but I’ve to have video-evidence so the admins/moderdators could do something. Wouldn’t it be a GREAT IDEA to review your policy, because it’s clearly not working or the admins and mods are not doing their job (not talking about Funky and Lovehand, they are doing what they think is necessary). Dear community-members, feedback wanted about this issue. It can’t be that i have to take matters in my own hands, have to track down zizou and hurt the guy for “wanting the rape my daughter and girlfriend” right? I can’t imagine that would be the best solution right? The insults, harrassments, racism against me and treats MUST STOP!
  12. Hi Tanja, I've read about it yesterday in the lobby. I don't know exactly the "why", because no single admin spoke a word about it in the lobby, whilst a lot of people were asking questions, had feedback of left comments about this issue. I don't know RobSkate, I don't know you, but my conclusion is that this has something to do with abuse of power - and that of course isn't a good thing. I spec a lot too, I learn a lot from speccing, I hope I will not be banned and kicked all day for speccing :) #peace #love #weekend #CNC
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