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cant open my mpr file that i created

Jacob Foerster


at 11:03 PM, which is about an hour and nineteen minutes ago as of this typing, I recreated a zombie defense map in cave template to give myself an extra challenge. I saved frequently to return if I made a mistake. FYI I had chosen the RA1MPLauncher and selected skirmish so I could have a bigger access to maps and access the maps I had newly acquired. After playing around with some zombie defense maps I recreated one and made additions. Once everything was complete to my liking I saved a final time and closed it so I could test it out on the RA1MPLauncher skirmish feature. I could not find it after doing several things to try and locate it and when I finally decided to go locate it in the spot that I had saved it in, in the file explorer, I double-clicked on the scenario I made but it said file not found error 1, even though I had it open 10 minutes ago. I really need to why this is happening because all the hard work seems to be gone that I went through making it.  


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