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Survival Endless

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For a very long time I have wanted to make either a survival endless mission or survival endless multiplayer map/mission. I have basically just starting using the red alert folder on a different USB I had saved it on which had not been edited by me for about 3 months. I've been trying really hard to make a survival endless mod with having elements from similar different defense missions but wanting to combine them all together. To beat the level I was thinking of having a series of tasks that are to be completed potentially in order or random. I have studied very intensely all defense maps from the defense folder for the maps that are used in skirmish on cncnet or multiplayer on cncnet. I have just not been able to recreate anything as practice to teach myself to make a defense map and I am unable to find any tutorial on how to make a simple defense mission. Wondering if anyone would be able to assist me in my project because if I can formulate it correctly and actually build something exceptional, I was maybe thinking it could be added to the cncnet multiplayer maps for everyone to try and see how long people can survive for.


I have fiddled around with this practice map I  made awhile back and need some opinion from some of the players who made the zombies, ant and other kinds of defense missions for cncnet.

Stay safe from COVID19


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