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Managed to extract some names of past players

Jacob Foerster

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SS Nick Email Address ICQ
A007dan [email protected] 14491437
bakjak [email protected] 1411627
Barbarain [email protected] 650979
BJ9 [email protected] 7528536
crayz94 [email protected] 10580986
destroyr2 [email protected]
[email protected]
FaustAC [email protected] 6566258
FingerSS [email protected] 6991393
Genericus [email protected] 3060800
JerryJ [email protected] 12009917
KaiMaster [email protected] 169684
KICdaBABY [email protected]
[email protected]
KingZeus [email protected] 3253182
Opus512 [email protected]
[email protected]
pitaq [email protected] 7759200
Ricstr [email protected] 5992777
rojak [email protected] 1111966
Rutaker [email protected] 18012224
Scrubsz [email protected] 2351810
Sunflight [email protected] 20068152
Torsiello [email protected] 4692772
virta [email protected] 4211715






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