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New Here - LF Ra2 only


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Hey everyone. Originally played pretty hardcore way back in the day with Ra2.

Family brought me back into the game, and now I'm looking for competitive / organized Ra2 only. No offense, but Yuri Revenge expansion is pretty trash in my opinion and I get no joy out of playing it.

Anyways, I see ladders on CnC net for YR, TS, and it looks like Ra1 ?  Are there ladder matches for Ra2?

What is the best way to find Ra2 matches on the client, as most people play YR from what I see.



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Hey, what's up man. 
Unfortunately there's no Ra2 ladder atm; however, I've recently been hosting tournaments and we're currently in the middle of a Ra2 2vs2 Tournament. There's talk about another Ra2 tournament coming up soon but we'll see.

If you're looking for players like you and me who also enjoy Ra2, you can join us in our 'Tournament Discord' https://discord.gg/yuTmHBh
There's plenty of really competitive players here and we often arrange Ra2 ffg's as well. Feel free to join us.


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