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  1. Hey, what's up man. Unfortunately there's no Ra2 ladder atm; however, I've recently been hosting tournaments and we're currently in the middle of a Ra2 2vs2 Tournament. There's talk about another Ra2 tournament coming up soon but we'll see. If you're looking for players like you and me who also enjoy Ra2, you can join us in our 'Tournament Discord' https://discord.gg/yuTmHBh There's plenty of really competitive players here and we often arrange Ra2 ffg's as well. Feel free to join us.
  2. A Yuris Revenge one is also in the works, stay tuned.
  3. Edd

    Chinese pushers

    I'm looking into it.
  4. Cheers https://www.twitch.tv/vltality
  5. Tomi was sick in his prime. He even took a long break and got a few rank 1's when he came back in 2009 and then again in 2014 when a few other top players were still competing. I think overall, he's proven that he should be considered the best ever. Oldschool era newschool era, still managed to be at the top of the ladder. **Ranks Since Re-Direction** Oct 2005 Ra2 : 1 sLk 96w 21l 1337pts Nov 2005 Ra2 : 1 forhonor 71w 14l 1330pts Jan 2006 Ra2 : 1 tomigomad 92w 29l 1499pts Feb 2006 Ra2 : 1 fivestar 60w 13l 1343pts April 2006 Ra2 : 1 nyoxol 62w 9l 1423pts May 2006 Ra2 : 1 hrvatska 76w 30l 1383pts June 2006 YR : 1 g0b 55w 7l 1112pts June 2006 Ra2 : 1 t0mi 70w 18l 1426pts July 2006 Ra2 : 1 traxex 51w 3l 1386ptsQUOTE (DonCarlo @ Feb 4 2006, 04:19 AM)tomigomad aka tomi winner of the Red Alert 2 single player ladder with 1499 points (only 2 points off the 5 star badge - is he going to prove everyone wrong who said this badge could not be attained?!?!? :oFebruar 2009 Ra2 : 1 GeminorumMarch 2009 Ra2 : 1 GeminorumApril 2009 Ra2 : 1 GeminorumMay 2009 Ra2: 1 Geminorum You can't really argue against this. Whether others have had rank 1's or not, he's dominated the ladder vs the best there ever was and those who were deemed the best in this era.
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/vltality I hope you guys enjoy the streams!
  7. I agree with you guys, obviously. Equal/Better match-ups = Higher/Better quality of games. Here's a couple of really good games from the past few days... Edd vs Mikoz - 1vs1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns9NY8yb530 Edd+Gino vs Dan+playnaked - 2v2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRpRSdzlehE&t=108s
  8. Sup guys, i'm thinking about playing some ra2 on cncnet but i've been waiting for a ladder. For now, i'm playing on another server. Perhaps if I get some challenges, i'll jump on cncnet. In the meantime, feel free to watch some of my games. I stream on twitch.tv/vLtality occasionally and I also upload some of my games on youtube.com/xxkaboom Hope to see you guys in the field soon! Thanks!
  9. Rank 1 and rank 2 last month!! Another streaming session of 2v2 clan matches!
  10. It's time for a 2v2 clan match vs Jungle! twitch.tv/vLtality I hope you guys can come watch these games. =)
  11. Going live now! Time for some 2v2 clan matches! twitch.tv/vLtality
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