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Corrupted incident

Jacob Foerster

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I got a bunch of brand new corrupted files somehow added in my red alert online folder yesterday evening. All the new folders were empty but had funky names and non existent file extensions, the files were totaled to be 76.4 GB in total but they appeared to have taken up no space and my red alert online folder is on a USB and the USB storage capacity is 32 GB yet the files were 76.4 GB. I ended up copied all the real folders and files to a different location on a different USB but when I tried to play the game it said the following in the video I have provided. I really need help at least restoring all my progress such as my saved maps in folders, custom, favorites etc. I really don't want to have to restart from scratch because if I do it would 6 months of extremely hard work that would be all lost :(. I also need a way to keep the friends I have added on cncnet so I don't have to go searching for their names and hope to find them through search or hope I can remember them and/or recognize their names when they are online. Plz help me as I was on the verge of crying last night because I thought all my work would have been lost.

Plz reply if you view this that way I know that people are actually paying attention or are not just reading then ignoring. 

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