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I got my hands on tiberium dawn remasters early!

Tiber Shark

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joke of course they did an excellent job, but it feels a bit different atm, no 6 player and the horrible standard maps, it is still more enjoyable at cnc.net with the big games and better maps, but they still did a fantastic job and maybe it will grow on me , right now its ideal for my life  not so great that it will addict me, but nice for a casual spin 

i think despite it being less enjoyable atm at least, everyone is now at remasters so its the only place to be.

Its kinda lame having more people but u still have to play like there's not many people in the lobby e.g. 1v1 or 2v2  kinda defeats the point of having more players, it feels like eternal non peak time

We had more fun here and unless they change that, it will remain this way. 

Mixed feelings they did great but 4 player is such a drag.

The release of the source code is somethings special for the future, but the distribution of players now is going to be all over at remasters 

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