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  1. Well you have convinced me that you were unaffected now...
  2. It wasnt me that fcuked off ur dead mother why u attack me for? Im innocent like your poor mum, why u attack her and me bro? I think the best way to honor her is to not be the same POS that pooped on her, dont you? How does it feel to be victimized Pence? You are and always were the victim, im the bad man now tho , you like that my little b,itch? Because its what you are
  3. I know what happened to you Pence and what turned you bad, I feel sorry for you and I forgive you bro. This is not even Chem
  4. I saw confusion from Pence and Ore Truck, care to elaborate. What is your opinion on the game>?
  5. The positives are More time to think, less of a reactions game. Its a leisurely pleasure to play now there's so little to do and its so slow, and you dont have to use difficult low res controls People are winning because of skill rather than because of having better settings and its fair because we all have the same settings and the same odds You can just learn and progress much faster cause there's always people to play now and you are matched at your level, Can choose start pos and teams 1st There are no mods or controlling people anymore, its a free place now which is epic Bottom advantage may have been fixed which is great Quality music displays graphics and general overhaul, very impressive Ranking is included so there's no confusion over who is better or worse (well this will be true in time) The graphics are much nicer to look at
  6. Im finding its a VERY scrappy affair the low money only allows for very few buildings low tech and scrappy buggy fights. Its not broad or varied anymore. Its like 1/10th the game im used to. Also I swear there's even less money than the original, im running out much faster. Click and deselect lags If you try to select a group box from the edge of the screen you cant which is awkward. Sell and repair isnt as fast neither in team selection regarding engineer rushes it does this horrible jump sometimes of the entire screen, that causes a frustrating fail game speed is too slow it changes the dynamic from the real game , cheese tactics seem more viable now and more powerful than before because the money SEEMS less speed was a big asset for me thats now gone nearly completely and of course 4 player only These are my negs
  7. No money, lots of cheese warfare, original maps, a different style of game. What builds and tactics do you recommend? How is it different to the original cnc? What are your general impressions positive and negative? Anything else ud like to say go ahead re remasters cnc1.
  8. Is Mike Pence an average to low player in Tiberium Sun like he is in Tiberium Dawn or is he higher up than that?
  9. Who are you in game Ore truck did u used to play tiberium dawn? I noticed you are firneds with smt blusy and mike pence?
  10. Engineers are "easily" blocked by placing buggies between the top of a building and the APC, a turret or tower on top also helps. Once its defended, you are now at the disadvantage. Used along side an attack group is better, but by that time its harder to make them work and less significant anyway. You engineer oriented style shows an inferior German tactical fail, you chose a lower % method.
  11. Please learn the periodic hotkey table. Then you can make comments in this forum. Regards Tiber Shark
  12. This is a place for serious fun, please take your non serious fun elsewhere.
  13. joke of course they did an excellent job, but it feels a bit different atm, no 6 player and the horrible standard maps, it is still more enjoyable at cnc.net with the big games and better maps, but they still did a fantastic job and maybe it will grow on me , right now its ideal for my life not so great that it will addict me, but nice for a casual spin i think despite it being less enjoyable atm at least, everyone is now at remasters so its the only place to be. Its kinda lame having more people but u still have to play like there's not many people in the lobby e.g. 1v1 or 2v2 kinda defeats the point of having more players, it feels like eternal non peak time We had more fun here and unless they change that, it will remain this way. Mixed feelings they did great but 4 player is such a drag. The release of the source code is somethings special for the future, but the distribution of players now is going to be all over at remasters
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