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C&C Remaster: Modding Tiberian Dawn to the Red Alert Standard

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Well boys and girls, the hour is finally upon us.

The remaster has been live for almost 24 hours now and the C&C fans are swarming out of the woodwork. Yesterday, we saw over 40 thousand players online at its peak, skyrocketing C&C to the top of the steam sales charts. With this re-surge in popularity, we're going to see a lot of talent return to the C&C community and I figure I'd get the conversation rolling. I've already seen some people start conversations on Steam regarding updating TIberian Dawn map sizes and AI logic to the Red Alert standard, so I figured I'd try to get the ball rolling here as well. Please use this space to collect your thoughts and share what you've learned from exploring the source code.

I'll start by sharing some of my thoughts, from an amateur programmers prospective. 

1. Do you modders feel it's possible, and worthwhile, to upgrade the max possible map size in TIberian Dawn remaster?

2. Is there any initiative to port over the snow and interior tile sets from Red Alert over to the Tiberian Dawn Remaster? OR the desert tileset to Red Alert?

3. Given that Red Alert's scripting capability and AI are more advanced in Red Alert, does anyone feel it would be beneficial to port all of the Tiberian Dawn assets into Red Alert in order to provide the capability for more advanced mission making in the Tiberian Dawn setting? As a secondary benefit, this would also allow for TD and RA factions  to be used in the same game, similar to what they did with Dawn of The Tiberian Age.

4. Has anybody figured out where the unit attribute values are stored in either game? I've read articles claiming that Red Alert can be modified by importing a rules.ini file into the games main root folder.

Sorry, duplicate thread. Please remove this one, the main post is in the Newer C&C games section

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