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Dune 2000 Singleplayer & Mission making discord server


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Hello everyone,

While the community is not as numerous as it used to be few years ago, there are still people enjoying singleplayer custom campaigns created by the community or people who'd like to get into making their own missions or campaigns.

This is why me, cm and fey thought it would be a good idea to centralize all this into one single Discord server, dedicated to the singleplayer scene, to custom campaigns and to modding. Therefore, if you'd like to get into making your own missions but struggle with the editor, we can help you out over there! Or, if you want to share your creations, we're always happy to play them, and you can let us know over there.

If you don't want to create your own stuff, but simply want to keep up to date with what other people are making (spoiler alert: there are some big updates coming for the singleplayer scene) or to play their creations, or just simply talk about any Dune2000 related stuff or troubleshoot a problem, you can join too! This is in NO WAY aimed only at mappers or modders, it is for anyone who enjoys the singleplayer aspect of this game, which, quite frankly, has become pretty advanced lately.

In other words, this Discord server is for people who are interested in:

  • Anything singleplayer related, like talking about any campaigns or share their own experiences while playing a mission
  • Anything mission-making related: if you have any questions or would like to create your own missions, we can help you
  • Anything modding related
  • If you have issues with the game, we can also help you fix them
  • If you just want to keep updated with what other people are working on and chill within a friendly community
  • If you are a tool developer, joining this would let you keep in touch with the mappers easily and get feedback or suggestions in a breeze


In order to join the Discord server, please CLICK HERE

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