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  1. Hello everyone, While the community is not as numerous as it used to be few years ago, there are still people enjoying singleplayer custom campaigns created by the community or people who'd like to get into making their own missions or campaigns. This is why me, cm and fey thought it would be a good idea to centralize all this into one single Discord server, dedicated to the singleplayer scene, to custom campaigns and to modding. Therefore, if you'd like to get into making your own missions but struggle with the editor, we can help you out over there! Or, if you want to share your creations, we're always happy to play them, and you can let us know over there. If you don't want to create your own stuff, but simply want to keep up to date with what other people are making (spoiler alert: there are some big updates coming for the singleplayer scene) or to play their creations, or just simply talk about any Dune2000 related stuff or troubleshoot a problem, you can join too! This is in NO WAY aimed only at mappers or modders, it is for anyone who enjoys the singleplayer aspect of this game, which, quite frankly, has become pretty advanced lately. In other words, this Discord server is for people who are interested in: Anything singleplayer related, like talking about any campaigns or share their own experiences while playing a mission Anything mission-making related: if you have any questions or would like to create your own missions, we can help you Anything modding related If you have issues with the game, we can also help you fix them If you just want to keep updated with what other people are working on and chill within a friendly community If you are a tool developer, joining this would let you keep in touch with the mappers easily and get feedback or suggestions in a breeze In order to join the Discord server, please CLICK HERE
  2. I don't know whats going on but since this new update i get errors every damn second.. I play a match, then i get KABOOM-ed, and next time i try to open cncnet it gives me all sorts of retarded errors and I'm unable to open that cncnet anymore, it's like getting corrupted. I saw in chat people complaining about it too, so it's not just me. I had to reinstall cncnet about 5 times in 5 copies of YR... This is getting ridiculous, what's going on with the new update?
  3. Feda

    About coop

    Hey, I'm not playing coop very much but i tried it today and saw the AI was set to easy, since it sucked very much, and doing easy AI attacks like 1 kirov thing. I remember on LAN/WOL there was an option to select difficulty, but here I don't see any. So how can i set the coop missions for Hard? Thanks.
  4. I'm getting it too, and seems others as well.
  5. You could give Stealth Raiders a better building-killing weapon to make them more useful. No idea about the Siege Tank
  6. Never really looked into any emperor files, I don't even know if they're .aud. I don't think ill ever add emperor sounds to dune2k.
  7. Some of them were laggy but about 50-60% of them worked fine. I'm not sure if you're talking about connection lag or game lag (like low fps/sloppy movement).
  8. I used RA1 voice for Ordos as that's the closest thing I could get to the original Ordos mentat voice
  9. Wormsign, worm attack, harvester under attack (Ordos only, with RA1 voice, others have it), Upgrading,Building lost (atr and hark), game saved, game loaded, guarding, death hand missile preparing (atr and hark), retreating. This is kinda all I could find lol
  10. It would be "Upgrading" and "Building lost". Others such as game saved/mission loaded are pretty useless imo, not worth the hassle.
  11. As I mentioned in the initial post, there are a few sounds which do not exist in TS therefore I couldnt add them. If someone can do the upgrading etc. sounds that's cool, but i won't waste time with something as minor as that
  12. In this pack I have replaced the original dune eva/mentat voices (such as "building", "unit ready" etc.) with the EVA-GDI (Atreides) and CABAL-Nod (Harkonnen). They sound much better than the dune voices in my opinion. Also, I replaced Ordos voices with the EVA voice from Red Alert 1. In order to install it, unzip the archive somewhere. You'll see 3 folders, one for each side. Copy and paste all files from inside the folders to Dune 2000/Data/GAMESFX (dont forget to make a backup). If you do not wish to change, for example, the Ordos, but u want other 2, just dont paste the files from the Ordos folder. Installation readme included. Here is the CABAL/Nod voice for House Harkonnen in a multiplayer match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzi0779NEaY Dune_2000_TibSun_voices.zip
  13. emp is VERY important, but not a MUST unless they have an obscene amount of things, or you know they will be sending units constantly to where you wont be able to defend without it. ticks, rockets, lasers, hijacker, all very useful vs tits. artillery are good if you can control them, but id rather have ticks vs tits early on in the game, artillery are great for longer games, not shorter games. and anytime you want some help just IM me on cncnet, ill be using c0rpsmakr, i have a wireless connection that gets disconnected sometimes so it will show my name as c0rpsmakr_0,1,2,3, etc until i relog back on. Ok, thanks man
  14. Thanks a lot for all the tips! Maybe when we both have time we could play some together and you could give me more tips based on how i play? I know the basics and stuff, I'm hardcore dune 2000 online player, so i know to use control groups, alt, q etc. Btw, when the opponent is titan rushing, is emp the best defence as Nod? Mecha, I've been watching your videos, I kinda like them. Managed to get over the shirtless thing and enjoy the matches and commentary lol.
  15. Yes sure, thanks for the tip, will work on it I know Nod is harder but dunno, i like it more. I don't mind GDI either, but it's just that I'd love to play Nod good. What is the "safest" attack Nod can do? Is sub-engi rush a good tactic? Or devils? Or banshees?
  16. I'd like to learn Nod, learn to defend against dis 1-shots and mks, i know the basics but i just need tips and training. I'm happy to see someone wanting to help instead the usual kick out of the room from pros without even asking if u know to play or not
  17. Hello, Does anybody have a 1.13 .exe that does not request CD-rom thing? In other words, a cracked one that will actually run? I've been trying to get 1.13 but I just can't seem to accomplish this. I installed it from an .iso, then used the official 1.13 patch to update it but game.exe asks for "correct CD-rom" thing. I tried to get some no-cd but when i run the .exe it brings up an error about some entry point that cannot be located in Kernel32.dll. As TS is now freeware, i guess there's no problem with me posting this here. Can someone give me a 1.13 version that will actually run? Didn't think it would be so hard to get an earlier version of TS lol. Thanks in advance.
  18. I really recommend Avast and Malwarebytes, pretty much all you need.
  19. Since airstrike is disabled on cncnet due to the hi-res bug I thought there's no need to mention that, it would only confuse players wondering why they don't have the airstrike when hints mention it.
  20. Dune 2000: You can get rid of "Silo needed" message without building silos: if you have a starport, purchase as many vehicles as there are available (preferably MCVs), then CANCEL the order. Refinery storage will empty, therefore silos are not needed. Sonic Tanks can have a small range boost through force firing: to do so, select a Sonic Tank, then hold down CTRL and click on the ground, in the direction towards enemy units. This will slowly damage enemy units, even if they are normally out of sonic's range. A good way to break through a Sonic Tank group is to use the harvester decoy tactic: mix in a few harvs in your group of units and send them in the enemy units first; sonics will try to hit harvs, and will start doing friendly damage while your units can move in and attack them. Building 3 barracks, factories or Construction Yards gives you the fastest corresponding production speed. Building more Starports or Palaces does NOT increase production speed. In 8 min no rush ruleset, the best economy build is 4 refineries with 3 harvs per each. Concrete allows you to build close to it, even if you don't have an actual building in that region. Therefore, deploying a Construction Yard to an expansion and selling it still allows you to build there as long as concrete doesn't get removed. Sardaukars damage enemy vehicles when they are ran over. While concrete makes your buildings have full HP, they also delay your build order, which can cause you waste a lot of time that the enemy can take advantage of. In early game it is recommended NOT to build concrete, do it only for Wind Traps, to get full power. Late game concrete is fine, since once you're teched up and have completed your build order it doesn't delay anything anymore. In 8 min no rush, always move out your units once you have a decent amount of them. Try to get map control, hold certain positions and don't let your enemy get into your territory. Always have a mixed army: don't all-out-mass Combat Tanks, Quads and Troopers, mix some Siege Tanks and Missile Tanks in too, as they fill certain roles the first three can't. A few that came in my mind fast, for Dune 2k.
  21. Can you tell us about when are you going to work on them?
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