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cant find my old maps in the current list


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hi everyone. ive installed RA2 again and still got some of the old maps that i use to play saved onto a old hard drive. the maps are in MPR format. i remember before i only had to copy and paste them into the RA2 folder. now ive gone into Origin Games/ command and conquer/ maps and pasted them there. now when i click on skirmish the maps are not on the list. can i still use the old maps?

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I can't speak for a vanilla version of RA2, but if you are trying to use it in conjunction with the CNCNET package, then there are several steps required to get the maps working.

Maps go in in the Custom folder ...\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Maps\Custom

The extension needs to be .map.  You can simply change the extension from mpr to .map.  That may not solve the problem if the map is old enough, but it is usually sufficient. 

If this doesn't solve your problem, we can troubleshoot from here.

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