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  1. Thanks much. I wasn't sure if this was an anomaly since I have two (intel) laptops working with DxWind renderer in windows 10, but not anymore on my desktop. Thanks again.
  2. Using DxWind renderer, when I launch a game, iclient.logt just brings me back to the map menu (logs included). I was also wondering about the .wav files missing. Thanks! another_client.log
  3. Is there anything any of us enthusiasts can do to assist? Are the exact steps we take that leads to this error still needed? Thanks for all the great work.
  4. I've been trying to update to 4.14 on several computers running the most current update of windows 10 and I am stuck at The Dawn of the Tiberium Age Client Self-Updater paused at Waiting for the Launcher to exit.. with the updater not responding. If I close down the update, it doesn't register and I have to reinstall the client back to whatever version the main client is and then play from there. Any suggestions?
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