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Lets make a TS bootcamp!

Hungry Mike

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We need more good, talented players. Lets make a TS bootcamp any Friday 20:00 Uhr german time, atleast 1 hour long. Gather as many newbs as you can and then toast them, but show them how to get better. And it would be best if the pro changes from week to week. Anyone with a fairly good skill in regard to atleast some aspects of the game (WW, Mods/Giants, Eco, NOD/GDI...) is welcome! So the higher middle class or experts like Firestar or Kossuth should be interested as well :). YOu can announce before it starts, what specifs you want to teach the newbs.

Who would be willing to lead such a bootcamp in the comming weeks? (For NME, we could make it 15:00 Uhr or so sometimes).  I will beginn next Friday with the first bootcamp with the topic "Small WW-like maps with Vet and FS". Maps: Off-Def, Tiers of Sorrow, Inferno. Small topics: One defs/one rushs with CC;  Emp and middle game; combined Arnold rush, counters to (combined) Arnold rushs, Reaper rushs, counter to Reaper rushs.

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