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Unable to Add New Maps to YR


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Perhaps this is a PEBKAC error, but I'm absolutely unable to add any new maps to RA2.

I place the .map and preview file into the Custom folder directory, load the client, start a new game and no maps show up.  I reload the client, try again.  Still nothing. 

Is there something I'm missing?  I've removed all the maps, re-added them and double checked to make sure they're all the right file extension.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What category is the map?  Do you have an identifier in the .map file like:

GameMode=standard, duel, teamgame

Also, the preview is not strictly needed.  Depending on the preview size, it may use the preview, it may not.  I would reference this post, for a little more information.  

Additionally, some categories, such as Battle (as far as I know), require the map to added to the list in the MPMaps.ini file and then added to the Battle folder.  You can find MPMaps.ini in ...\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\INI.

However, I believe when you alter the MPMaps.ini, this constitutes as a MOD and if you are playing online, you will get the warning that says your version is different.  Nonetheless, you can find an example within this post.

My solution is to just put everything in standard.  You can check to see what other categories are restricted.  I'm guessing the maps in ...\Command and Conquer Red Alert II\Maps\Yuri's Revenge are likely the categories that need to be appended to the MPMaps.ini file.  

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