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Operation Clean-Up:


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Well i can finally say i'm back on the net, And my life's stable once again!!


AWOS Forum will be undergoing a clean-up, Starting from Tuesday the 26th!



  • Clean up: Topics and posts
What will happen to my old posts/topics sys?

Nothing, They have all been moved to AWOS Old Topics. so you can still view the old discussion's.

i understand there was a few problem's and frequently asked questions posted on the board so it would be nice to keep a copy of the old topics.


Also small update

AWOS - Support

Everything you need to know about AWOS will be in this section.

If you have any question's and problems with awos please post it under this section.


I'm sorry it as taken me this long to get back onto the net, But never the less!

I hope to see all the original and new members join us as the AWOS Project will be launched very soon!


Stay tuned for updates




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