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A neat search engine that finds similar games


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Recently a member of the site's development team posted the following response in another forum in the thread about the engine:

First of all thanks for finding out about our site and thanks for some feedback.


We started this project very recently and trying to improve in any possible way.


The main thing is: site is fully automatic, no manual entries (yet) are made to the similar game lists. All similar games are generated from keywords, which we extract from reviews. By now we only depend on keywords and gernes.

The results actually are way better than we expected in the first place. Of course they are far from "very good".


Also the description texts and screenshots are automatically generated from Wikipedia / Google image search. So errors are not a rare thing


So far the best feature in this project to me personally is keyword search. If I like zombie killing, I can search kill zombies. These results are even quite good, if compared to the similar game lists :) This is a approach to search by things you want to do in a game or what theme/time/whatever game is about, not so much thinking about gernes or something like that.


Next step is to add some user generated content, allow them to alter the game lists, so we can enliminate some crazy wrong results.

And indeed, the keyword search (you can type as many keywords as you want, just separate them with hyphens) does look promising:




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