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Recon - Sync files?


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Hi guys, i'm working on a modded map in vanilla ra2/YR with the goal of playing on cncnet (ini editing only)

My ini edits are about 80% complete however Ive had a couple of Recon errors in the early stages of testing

Testing with my 2 local computers via a cncnet server seems fine - testing with players around the world has given me recons

One of the recon (i'm pretty sure) was using a "radar jammer (with Temporal=yes warhead) on a spy sat - The weapon does 0 damage and 1% to concrete in which I've changed armour types of buildings to effect

This happened about 90 seconds after I "disabled" the other players spy sat
I have 0 sync files for this particular case

The other recon was ( i think) using a mobile/deployer naval gap gen
This recon was not as quick as the other one
This happened about 3-4 minutes after I deployed the Mobile gap gen
I have 2 sync files for this particular case

The reason i'm posting is in hopes to better understand sync issues and try to mitigate the risks

There's not much on the topic - I have read both of these articles:


There were a lot of units on the map, but not the most amount of units i've had on this map

There could have been 70 ships for all 4 players (its mostly naval based)
And maybe 80 land units in total

Would someone please be so kind as to look at these 2 synch files attached and give any thoughts/ feedback?

I also have the ini edits I can upload on request if need be

And I'm hoping we can talk about bugs and if anyone has any insight as to what the main culprits of synch issues are other than what is listed in the wiki, I'm very much all ears

I'm also very keen to learn how to debug these myself and hope to teach others

Thanks for your time!


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