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  1. Both, It also means you can select a map AND select a mod, if you wish That's the theory
  2. This is only some... of whats possible... (Ares is a community extension for Red Alert 2. Phobos is an extension for Ares. Art.ini is the file that dictates things like animations, unit sequences and infantry deployment + much more which map makers are not able to edit Some of the content here is from a project called Dynamic Patcher which is in early development. Implementation at this stage is unclear however many have high hopes for it's success) mmexport1621991432274.mp4 Dynamic Patcher project - Credit: ChrisLv (May or may not be possible with Ares+ Phobos) Credit: MentalĪ©Speeder https://www.youtube.com/c/MentalOmegaAPYR/videos Phobos Project Buildings, Infantries and Vehicles with Shield in Fantasy ADVENTURE Phobos Project Mind Control Range Limit used in Fantasy ADVENTURE Phobos Project Interception logic used in Tiberium Crisis mod https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1q64y1476Z?share_source=copy_web Credit: ChrisLv Dynamic Patcher (May or may not be possible with Ares+ Phobos) For more information check out these links: https://ares-developers.github.io/Ares-docs/index.html https://phobos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ https://github.com/Xkein/YRDynamicPatcher#yrdynamicpatcher
  3. You Must Force attack ground however as it does not passively acquire targets
  4. The only ways i know how to get the map you are looking is either: 1.) On https://mapdb.cncnet.org/search/?gaem=YR&search=&game=td 2.) Get your friend who has the map already and pass it onto you AFTER you have already cleared/ backup (and removed) your custom maps folder thus making it appear as the first map entry to your collection and obviously the only one 3.) Painfully go through your maps with notepad ++ and search for key words that are unique to the map Tough lesson to learn but we need to make copies and backups - I don't like how the system is also. If only the client was synchronised with the database and offered you a download/ export in English....
  5. Use hyphens ( - ) not space I dont think this can be fixed tbh
  6. Did anyone try this on an Aircraft carrier? I found that it did not work. I believe hornets cannot support firing anims... I may be wrong... I inadvertently found a different way to suicide harriers but i have forgotten the code šŸ˜„ Further research shows you can use limbo launch on hornets but this is very buggy and problematic Other methods require Ares or rock patch. I am testing now... If i rediscover the harrier method, i will test on hornets.. If successful I will post the code here EDIT - 5mins later... ...OK it was Easy enough.... Link here https://ppmforums.com/post-604878/simplest-kamikaze-plane-ever-vanilla-ra2/#604878
  7. Looks like the anti cheat system doesn't work so there's no reason to not support Ares on cncnet
  8. McPwny has seraphic like powers over Final Alert 2 and INI editing. If McPwny started a Final Alert 2 cult, I and many others would sign up.
  9. I think this was intended however limitations to menu size might be a factor
  10. I use a razer naga trinity - Good mouse, horrible software, would prefer to opt for logitech or corsair I would not recommend this mouse purely because of the painful software I'm not "pro" though
  11. In QuickMatch (QM), I notice the players names are "Anonymised" and are presented as "PLAYER" This is a great function. I really wish this was in normal games. So many times when people play 2v2v2v2 or FFA games, players end up in situations where they are teaming against "good players" It's easy to quickly check who is player as what colour/ faction and decide to attack them first, or rush and it seems that it happens without communication as people know instinctively who to target. I think many people don't like to play free for all or 2v2v2v2 for that specific reason. I suggest an option that allows the anonymisation of players names in the game, the same way cncnet works. This will ensure players play the game without bias or prejudice and ensure they focus more on paying attention to who builds what. This may help rebalance these games and will eliminate the accusations of "deliberate teaming" against X Please let me know your thoughts!
  12. That's all Ares type stuff - you can do the garrison thing now with modded maps but it wont work the way you'd like it to. Snipers would only have the same range as gi's ... it's just engine limits. If cncnet had Ares and .ra2mp extension (thanks McPwny for telling me about this) as well as terrain expansion we'd be on another level
  13. I get that too sometimes What I do is open final alert first and LOAD the map from within there and it doesn't happen to me Only happens when final alert isnt open to begin with and i'm trying to launch the map from final alert not being open from the start Hope that makes sense
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