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    fa2 updated

    How did you go Tutankhamun ? Did you need syringe?
  2. I think I tried one of these Try your luck https://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/ If this doesn't fix it i think there's another solution I think i tried this https://aikhaliveta.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/problem-fixed-red-alert-2-on-windows-10/ For me, I've always tested skirmishes on cncnet, but one time i wanted to show someone the campaign and it kept freezing - really badly btw One of these solutions fixed it for me Can't speak for skirmish Cncnet never had problem for me 😉
  3. I had this, I fixed it with a file. I try to remember how. Will pm you on Facebook
  4. Hi guys, i'm working on a modded map in vanilla ra2/YR with the goal of playing on cncnet (ini editing only) My ini edits are about 80% complete however Ive had a couple of Recon errors in the early stages of testing Testing with my 2 local computers via a cncnet server seems fine - testing with players around the world has given me recons One of the recon (i'm pretty sure) was using a "radar jammer (with Temporal=yes warhead) on a spy sat - The weapon does 0 damage and 1% to concrete in which I've changed armour types of buildings to effect This happened about 90 seconds after I "disabled" the other players spy sat I have 0 sync files for this particular case The other recon was ( i think) using a mobile/deployer naval gap gen This recon was not as quick as the other one This happened about 3-4 minutes after I deployed the Mobile gap gen I have 2 sync files for this particular case The reason i'm posting is in hopes to better understand sync issues and try to mitigate the risks There's not much on the topic - I have read both of these articles: https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Reconnection_Error https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/100_Units_Bug There were a lot of units on the map, but not the most amount of units i've had on this map There could have been 70 ships for all 4 players (its mostly naval based) And maybe 80 land units in total Would someone please be so kind as to look at these 2 synch files attached and give any thoughts/ feedback? I also have the ini edits I can upload on request if need be And I'm hoping we can talk about bugs and if anyone has any insight as to what the main culprits of synch issues are other than what is listed in the wiki, I'm very much all ears I'm also very keen to learn how to debug these myself and hope to teach others Thanks for your time! SYNC_CNCNET0.TXT SYNC_CNCNET2.txt
  5. Yeah, you'd basically build 2 then you already have a lab, so no point really
  6. Try running in windowed mode? This has helped me run the game in 2k and 4k without weird colour/ graphical issue If you want the fullscreen effect, just run native res, the same as your game res If you dont like having to manually change res all the time and it feels arduous; make an auto hotkey script to change it with a few key combinations and it will change instantly
  7. As they do not have a turret, nor do they have omifire, i believe their best usage would be for defence purposes ( or offensive purposes where you will not retreat with other units supporting) Their role really becomes obsolete late game when BF's and apocs are about But as they require both AFC and WF and they cost $900, you can clearly see why they are not a popular choice Especially in an early game capacity
  8. I think the idea of people in an official capacity (staff) spending their time to play against and train noobs is silly I think having custom maps that simulate 1v1 behaviour with a lot of variety, no cheating ai, plenty of rhino spam with the occasional engi terror flak, miners being targeted with the ability to retreat, regroup and go in again once the ai "knows" it's outgunned would be a great addition to the community and could help noobs out Begs, the question, who wants these maps? - I wouldn't mind them personally, but personally I'm not phased either way. People like these things because they can keep their ego in tact - They don't like loosing games over and over and avoid 1v1 games. The premise is about protecting egos rather than confront another player that may or may not be more skilled then them. - Maybe our egos ore the issue here? 🤔 (I always maintain that we should be incredibly encouraging to noobs and never try to dissuade their participation - over time they will improve naturally. You can always tell them about hotkeys, videos to watch, strategies to play or look out for etc - {this is my ethos, I'm not compelling speech here, you do you} If there are more noobs, they can learn from each other ) However, staying on point, it begs again the question, who, will MAKE these maps?? I think having an AI simulate human behaviour to such a degree with the limitation of a game that's 20+ years old is another story and would take quite the mapping skillset to create such pieces of work Of course, once you can defeat the ai, are you no longer a "noob"? Does this set the benchmark? A standard to rate players? Contentiousness will always be there - The map maker may also be subject to scrutiny in 1 way or another depending on how "real" or how "good" it can simulate these behaviours There is the alternative, having a bot, on a server that can "play the game" with Automated Optical Recognition software - But that's a whole other ballgame with a moral/ philosophical conundrum associated with it (also taking up cpu power, space on a sever etc) - Elon musk will do it (google Open Ai) - Maybe you can ask him 😉
  9. Heh, a film based on a game, based on a book I love it - I will have to watch Dune 2000 now!
  10. Bigger ore fields offer more combat diversity - Small ore fields stifle strategic options... There's nothing like flanking your opponent with misdirection, then swooping in quickly to mop up a couple of miners sparsely spread out away from defences whilst their units try to close the gap on you but it's too late. If there are small ore patches, you can expect similar kill to death ratios and tougher battles with limited options as targeting heavily defended miners become less interesting
  11. Until google's quantum computer cracks the algorithm and the whole worlds financial systems come to a collapse; martial law on the streets and people with rural properties trading guns ammo and cigarettes as the new currency exchange. 😆
  12. Ask Elon musk https://openai.com/blog/universe/ Search for "Red Alert 2"
  13. I heard they're pretty buggy without the terrain expansion mod - We need to bug CNCnet to enable terrain expansion so we can play super cool maps! If you download terrain expansion, you will most likely have more luck, however no one will be able to play your maps unless they also have terrain expansion (tx) There are a few maps posted on here with the tag [TX] on them, that's what it means Terrain expansion also helps with train logic too
  14. If you want, you can play with cloaking - Cloaking is very limited in ra2 but it does work It also depends if you want the ai to attack your unit or not Cloakable=yes CloakingSpeed=10 (1 is fastest, 10 is slowest) Insignificant=yes - will mean any unit with this tag will be ignored by untis/ai until someone orders an attack on it If you want the unit to be detected by another unit, you just give that unit these tags: Sensors=yes SensorsSight= ... whatever range you want it to be These tags are used in the game for navy only but can be used on any unit IIRC - Destroyers, squids, dolphins and subs are the only unit that can detect cloaked units as all submersible units are considered "cloaked" [DEST] - Destroyer can only 7 tiles away but "detect" 8 tiles away Sight=7 Sensors=yes SensorsSight=8 --- if you go down this path, you may try experimenting with removing the cloaked tags from submarines and the sensors from destroyers, but ofc this would change gameplay quite a bit And like McPwny said, an alternative could be to mess around with armour types, perhaps make the seal special armour_1 and change the terror drone to light armour or something with 2hp But im not sure if infantry can have that armour type - It would require a lot of thought about rebalancing the game and re-appropriating weapons
  15. Thanks very much for your reply, I see you are a developer. Thanks for your hard work and energy in maintaining and improving the system and your decision to stand by the community in such a way. I will heed your advice and post this where you suggested. Of course i'm not suggesting that 1 way is better than the other, just merely seeking options
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