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Failing to launch CnCnet YR on Win7!


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To be more precise, when trying to start up CnCnet nothing shows up but when looing into Task Manager Process, I can see clearly CnCnet process opening so fast and closed immediately.
(Some other PC they don't close and still running but in the background process without showing up and this is the log file for this case)  

Many friends who can't afford Win10 have been struggling with this issue for years, and I couldn't find any solution by Googling or here on the forums so I'm hoping anyone knew what is the issue and was able to tackle it.
(I know a solution but it's a very unpractical annoying solution which is by reinstalling windows 7! ?)

Thanks in advance!


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With the help of admin Kerbiter & Lylak, the problem was solved,

Things we made till the problem was solved:

- Installing All in one runtimes + XNA Framework.
- Updating Graphics Card then restarting PC.

- Uninstalling and reinstalling CnCnet.
- Running the game as admin from clientxna.exe (can be found in resources folder).

Hope this helps u :) 

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