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Help with RA2 and Discord Push to Talk


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Run discord as administrator or stop running the game as admin.
Running the game as admin should be the cause of the issue. Whole reason we have to run the game as admin is because its in the program files (x86) folder which is write protected. So I did this and no longer have to run the game as admin
-Go to C:\
-right click and create new folder, name it origin games
-right click the origin games folder, go to properties
-un check read-only, hit apply
-move yuris revenge by opening origin and
-Find Red Alert 2 in your Game Library.
-Right-click the game tile and select Move game.
-Find the new c:\origin games where you want to move the game to.
-Click Select Folder
-Wait for the game to fully move (it moves the cncnet mod too)
-Go to C:\origin games 
-right click Command and Conquer Red Alert II folder, properties, uncheck read only if its on, apply if needed
-go into Command and Conquer Red Alert II folder find CnCNetYRLauncher
-right click, properties, compatibility tab, uncheck run this program as an administrator if its on (might need to also do this on desktop icon if you have one, or delete that one and create new)
Game should run without asking for admin.(edited)


Probably don't have to do all of that unclicking of read only but thats how I did it when it worked. Might want to note which renderer you are using in game if you changed it. Don't think it copied that setting when I moved mine. Or instead of moving you can change the default install location in Origin and reinstall the game and cncnet.

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