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How much would a CnCNet app cost? Thoughts on fundraising?


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How much would it cost for an app version of the CnCNet website, and would it be possible to make this happen through fundraising means? I presume the admins would oversee such a project. The reason I bring this idea up is because I believe it'd be the best way to increase forum activity. It seems as though most posts on here are related to maps and technical issues and not so much on random fun stuff, which is fine, but the activity is also disproportionate to the many players you find on the client.

Some enticing features could be personal messaging and real time chatting with other players. This way you can stay in conversations with other users, on your phone, while playing ingame. Maybe even a separate client lobby interface on the app. I know many YR players already use discord for messaging purposes, but it could be better to have it all done through official CnCNet means.

Sorry, I know nothing about programing, so I don't know how much of a pipe dream this ultimately is. I also understand that the cost to create an app could be prohibitively expensive. I would love for someone who is in the 'know how' to weigh in.

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