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  1. Someone page Mr Marijuana and ask if he can make another Rhino War Arena map with each side having an allied player with Grizzly tanks. Would be a good way to test rhinos and Grizzly together. Usually these maps of his don't have much fodder though, so there's that.
  2. If that's the only route up that hill then it does seem like a dead end here in this mission. Is there other buildings you can capture on that map? Maybe it'll bring reinforcements. Also, since this engineer is an elite, maybe he has special attributes. Trying selecting unit and ctrl fire on a tree to see if it attacks somehow.
  3. It's like listening to music on vinyl. On CD the units just respond better and the game feels more....alive!
  4. To think Ra2 is almost 25 years old today is crazy! And still no other RTS can touch it. EA needs to open source these games. Maybe we can get an influx of more players this way. Not sure if this would mean the ability to better mod the game. Perhaps we could get an HD texture pack mod but also perhaps more cheats for online games, so probably a double edged sword. Sorry I don't know of a fix for CD installs on Windows 11. I've got the game downloaded through Origin. Also I just checked and the C&C Ultimate collection is on sale for only $8.00usd on Steam! Could be a good option.
  5. I always wanted to have YR or Ra2 logos similar to the ones used in the Windows desktop shortcuts as car bumper stickers. I wonder if i'd catch the attention of fellow CnC gamers out in traffic where I live.
  6. Ability to delete custom maps right from the client edit: Nvm, I see we can already do this.
  7. Some decent suggestions in here. I'll add a few more. 1.) Bring back option to play Ra2 music in YR gamemode. 2.) Clan tags. Doesn't need to be anything official but maybe just a slot next to nicknames to show what clan you want to claim to be in, or more than 12 character nicknames so we can add a longer clan name with our nickname. Something like this: [Sed0na]aWarNoob1 3.) Being able to private message a friend while he's in another game. This was possible on Xwis with certain lobby commands like /page0 or /page JohnDoe. I hear because it had a dedicated server as opposed to CnCNet's p2p servers. This functionality might not be possible on CnCNet which is unfortunate. 4.) Popup that shows what gameroom someone is in when you hover over their name in lobby. I think we used to have this feature. 5.) Client renders a Hi-resolution map preview for all custom maps. I think we used to have this on cnc, but was removed because it caused some bugs.
  8. Command BuildLimit=0 finally worked for me.
  9. Feras! it works. Thank you. Your Arizona survival map is amazing. Will try to beat it soon.
  10. Also this 8p version of the map. Thank you! [8] sedona pass [noair].yrm
  11. I swear i've tried every which way. I've even been able to do it before, but with my new computer i can't get XCC to work right. Can you please insert a hi-reso image for this map. sedonapassnoair4.map
  12. How do you insert hi-res custom map preview into map? I rendered a hi-res preview and resized it to 400kb. I then converted png file to .pcx but I can't get XCC mixer to open file.

    1. YosefAnan


      XCC mixer is available on the internet you can download it

      you don't have to do the same as I did in the video, you can render the map with this render app:

      it will give you 3 images 2 big and one small for map preview the name will be for the small not the same as the map name because the big image resolution is the same name as the map delete the big one and rename the small one the same name of the map, edit it on photoshop if you want to add text shaps anything then put it in the cncnet costume folder maps it will appear in the cncnet client.

      That's it. 

  13. Once I have png hi-reso preview, how do i insert it into map? I know its with XCC mixer. Is there a tutorial somewhere?
  14. Hop on ffg lobby and find gamerooms titled something like "2v2 pro" or "Good/Pro only" or whatever and just practice.
  15. I recently tried to make another map with air units disabled, but i'd forgotten how I'd done it before. I tried this method of yours but it seems not to work. This is what the ini file i created looks like: [V3] Techlevel=-1 [SCHP] Techlevel=-1 [ZEP] Techlevel=-1 [JUMPJET] Techlevel=-1 [ORCA] Techlevel=-1 [BEAG] Techlevel=-1 [DISK] Techlevel=-1 I then inserted it into the map with the ini editor in FA2. It seems to have added all the sections into the map and it shows each unit having value -1, but when i run the map in a skirmish game I'm still able to build these air units. Are we doing the command to disable units wrong? Maybe it should be Techlevel=0 instead? Not sure. I might try later.
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