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  1. aWarNoob1

    *New Map* The Revolt 6 Vs. 2

    This map needs a lot of work. Top players are too OP in this version. Many people were complaining. I'll find some time this week to get it updated.
  2. aWarNoob1

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    We had fun with this map. It inspired me to make this one: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8560-new-map-blood-diamonds/
  3. aWarNoob1

    Keep getting kicked off CnCNet

    This is the notification i get: [8:11 PM] ERROR :Closing Link: [z]aWarKing1 by Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net (USER: Bad username) The client will keep giving me this message if I try to log back in. It takes a few minutes then I can log back in again. This has happened to me about 5 times today. I've changed my username and still have gotten the same message.
  4. aWarNoob1

    How to show HD map image in CnCnet client?

    Thx man. Yeah this map is kind of newb. Not my most proud work tbh.
  5. aWarNoob1

    Update advice every moment

    I have these same problems on my part too. I have client version 3.93.
  6. aWarNoob1

    How to make a map with no air units?

    Hey McPwny, thank you for your support. Just to let you know, user MustacheX has already walked me through step by step. We went about it slightly differently by using only the ini editor in Final Alert 2, adding sections, and command "ForbiddenHouses=Americans,Alliance,French,Germans,British,Africans,Arabs,Confederation,Russians,YuriCountry" To each section. We used the rulesmd only to look up the unit names used in the game script. I've tested the map and can say that this way does work.
  7. aWarNoob1

    How to show HD map image in CnCnet client?

    Here is the map and a 512px .png HD thumbnail of it. Could someone run it through their XCC mixer and replace the map preview for me? sedonapasstankwarfinal.map
  8. aWarNoob1

    How to show HD map image in CnCnet client?

    Hi frequenzy. I'm having trouble getting a 512px thumbnail into the XCC mixer application. It just simply wont accept it. I've tried running XCC mixer as administrator. I have the latest version 1.47 installed. I'm running it on OS Windows 10. I've used the thumbnail as .png and .pcx to no avail.
  9. aWarNoob1

    How to make a map with no air units?

    Thanks man, but i don't understand how to do any of this. Is there a tutorial video on youtube i can watch?
  10. I want to make a version of Sedona Pass for sovwars that does not allow any air units or V3 to be built. I'm using Final Alert 2
  11. aWarNoob1

    Buggy client issues

    Hi, I'm wondering when these issues will be fixed 1.) Gameroom crashing followed by lobby notification "Excess flood" This happens often when i'm hosting games. "[5:56 PM] ERROR :Closing Link: [z]ClubPANDA by Gameservers.NJ.US.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)" 2.) False client update notification. 3.) Sometimes people can still join your gameroom after gameroom has been locked. 4.) Sometimes games do not load properly
  12. Where am i supposed to report this guy? Game would run smoothly and on his command would lag to 5fps. I know this because he'd announce "I will lag you now" right before. He'd do this whenever his team would be losing.
  13. aWarNoob1

    Clan mate

  14. aWarNoob1

    Clan mate

    I'll join too. Sign me up.