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CCRDX version released!


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Hello guys!


CCRDX known as Command & Conquer REDUX is a mod for Red Alert 1. It takes place on a first tiberium war with an alternate history and timeline, where the first tiberium war was fought during years 2015-2020. GDI and Nod has a different arsenal than C&C95 they had (this war they have a plasma tanks, teleporter and railgun tanks + much more). I've been working on this mod since 2016 and released three versions during 2017 and this year, 9th of june i released version which has many balance updates, lots of playable new content and two new units.


Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8o4atgwe9r3fax5/CCRDX-2021.rar?dl=0

This mod is currently at beta stage. Some of the Aftermath and Counterstrike -addon missions haven't converted into CCRDX standards plus single player campaigns are currently original and haven't tested. Despite that there is still a lot of playable missions (meaning that they have turned into CCRDX standards and are tested and fully functional) and skirmishes are available against AI!

Thanks and have fun when playing CCRDX! :cncguy:

ccrdx 6.png

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