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  1. Armageddon V is here

    I was able to play when i disabled windows defender smartscan. My O/S is Windows 10 so if you made this with linux computer, it can may cause this issue.
  2. Armageddon V is here

    I downloaded it and played. Looks very nice and especially Mammoth Tank was great! However, my Windows Defender SmartScan alerted me and also AVG Anti-Virus when i tried to play...
  3. Here is an another gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Colyk2sQcQ4 This mission was included version 0.99.9 and it replaced final mission of Siberian Conflict. In this mission, the player will learn to hate Slammer Tanks and Teleporters...
  4. A next version is currently work-in-progress. There will be new missions as well as new units and dozens of new things. But now i need a community opinion. I made some graphic adjustments to Mammoth Tank (new black barrels). What do you guys think? Worth of using it? See attached images.
  5. Problems with patrols has been fixed. My first post contained an attached image, where Team 2 consist with two Riflemen and one 1TNK -> Changed their side into Goodguy and now they works fine. However, i still need help with the Technology Centers. My idea was next: 1) Player captures technology center -> Reinforcements will arrive inside the center 2) If anyone destroys technology center -> Mission failed. Currently when my Engineer captures building -> Reinforcements will arrive inside the technology center. After it has been captured -> anyone destroys it -> nothing happens. Any help? Currently the trigger is next: EDIT:Also my idea is that ALL four technology centers must be captured and ALL enemy structures must destroy before mission is accomplished. That trigger i haven't created yet, since i want to advance step-by-step.
  6. Creating teams, with existing units

    I wrote my problem into an another section, but luckily i found this topic. In my map, there is three 1TNK placed on Guard -mode with teamtypes and they get confused. Have you ever encountered same kind of problems?
  7. This is a very long post, but i'm gonna trying to be short: Im currently having a problem with AI behaviour with my current mission. My plan is to do next: USSR must capture and defend four different technology centers. If any technology centers gets destroyed -> mission is failed. Each captured technology center gives you a four General units at your usage. The mission is completed when all Technology Centers are captured and enemy forces are destroyed. Currently when my engineer gets in Technology Center -> The units will come out but if someone destroys the technology center -> game continues running but no mission failed screen... Here is the trigger: Name: +1 Owner: Greece Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: complex (event1 => action1; event2 => action2) Event 1: Entered by...USSR Event 2: Destroyed by anybody Action 1: Global Set... 1 Action 2: Loser is... USSR Linked to: Buildings - 1 and the [Trig] itself : +1=0,1,3,1,1,-1,2,7,-1,0,28,-1,-1,1,2,-1,-1,-254 Another problem [SEE THE ATTACHED PICTURE]: Currently Spain does have a four different patrols which will be created shortly after mission is started. The Tanks near at the Number 1 should be a one team and they should patrol nearby. The tank and two riflemen near the Number 2 are our own, independent team and they does not have anything relating on team number one. HOWEVER! Right after the mission starts -> One of the Team 1 tanks will switch places with Team 2 tank?! The red line means that those two tanks will switch places (see the attached picture). Here are the codes for this: Name: grd2 Owner: Spain Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 1 Action 1: Create Team... grd2 and Teamtype: Name: grd2 Owner: Spain Priority: 14 Max: 0 Num: 0 WayPoint: 50 Team: Light Tank 2 Orders: 0 Move to waypoint... 51 1 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 2 Move to waypoint... 52 3 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 4 Move to waypoint... 50 5 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2 6 Jump to line #... 0 Linked triggers: grd2 PROBLEM NUMBER THREE! Right after start, there are two 2TNK units placed on South-West and South-East. The unit from South-West should start patrolling. BUT! The 2TNK which is placed on South-East will actually starts doing that?!?!?! Both are Guard -stance and but if i set the 2TNK from South-East Area Guard -stance it will stay where it is supposed to and the unit in South-West will patrol as i've planned. I'm very frustated on this and during this evening i almost destroyed my keyboard and throw PC out of the window... this is very frustating since feels like nothing is not gonna work and i don't know or understand why! This mission is meant to come the next version of Command & Conquer REDUX for Red Alert 95 which im currently working on...
  8. VERSION 0.99.9 HAS BEEN RELEASED! DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6ciqk4c9tzho2r/CCRDX.rar?dl=0 Here's a changelist: - Fixed graphics on GDI: In The Nick Of Time -mission, Nod: The Fist of Black Hand -mission; Removed forest since it does not match with Desert -theater. - Fixed Riflemen icon: It is now Rifleman. - Fixed Heavy MLRS tech level and prerequisites (both single- and multiplayer has a different ones, so AI has a chance to build it on skirmish). - Reduced the size of GDI's Leopard MBT. It does not leave trails anymore. - Added Tiberium for Jungle -theater. - Added several new multiplayer maps. - Added new mini-campaign; The War of North-Africa. It replaces Siberian Conflict -mini campaign. - Added new custom missions for 'GDI: Havoc got a present for ya' and 'Nod: Ambush of Hak'tyl railroad'. - Added Cave -terrain. - Added new building: Adv. Guard Tower as GDI defense structure. - Added upgraded version of Desert -terrain. Thanks for Tschokky from CNCnet.org. - Added proper infantry and tiberium graphics to RAED. - Updated hitpoints for GDI Hum-Vee and Nod VBL Buggy. - Updated hitpoints for Temple of Nod. - Updated Plasma Tank weapon. - Updated values of GDI Leopard MBT and Nod Slammer Tank. - Updated Nod Flamethrower values. - Lowered techlevel of Nod SAM-Site. - Raised Obelisk of Light tech-level. Have fun!
  9. Did you tested this? Feedback from players is important to me in order to find out what works and what don't.
  10. Replicating units

    I just write up everything in the .ini -file and that functioned well. In this case, when new vehicle was added, i put everything between *** terrestial vehicle types *** and SCUD Launcher lines. If this was too fuzzy, i can write a step-by-step of how i get it working. I was using newest PortableRA version. Messiah, i also read that. Seems like it does not work very well as i expected...
  11. New Units in Mission Making

    I was wondering these questions on another topic at the Modding -section, but i should do some research instead So, even if i put manually A.I build such unit as FTNK, it still won't build it even if it has own teamtype ? This confuses me a bit, since first you claim that A.I cannot build new units but few rows later you instruct to make teamtypes manually
  12. Replicating units

    Last saturday i tested this and get it work. A clone 2tnk was able to build and it rolled out in the depths of War Factory. Everything worked well However, i was wondering that is it possible to get these clone units visible in RAED? Or making teamtypes where clone units appears? What does happen then? Should i just edit INI files after everything else is complete? Does anyone have any experiences about this?
  13. A new version, known as V 0.99.9, is coming up during the next weeks. It includes new missions, new structure, graphic fixes and many other things. I'm currently working on Leopard MBT in a hopes to re-size it correctly so it won't leave trails. A full changelist will be included when next version is released.
  14. Improved desert.mix / pal for RA

    This looks really nice! Is it OK if i use this desert.mix in my own mod, CCRDX ?