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  1. Did you tested this? Feedback from players is important to me in order to find out what works and what don't.
  2. I just write up everything in the .ini -file and that functioned well. In this case, when new vehicle was added, i put everything between *** terrestial vehicle types *** and SCUD Launcher lines. If this was too fuzzy, i can write a step-by-step of how i get it working. I was using newest PortableRA version. Messiah, i also read that. Seems like it does not work very well as i expected...
  3. I was wondering these questions on another topic at the Modding -section, but i should do some research instead So, even if i put manually A.I build such unit as FTNK, it still won't build it even if it has own teamtype ? This confuses me a bit, since first you claim that A.I cannot build new units but few rows later you instruct to make teamtypes manually
  4. Last saturday i tested this and get it work. A clone 2tnk was able to build and it rolled out in the depths of War Factory. Everything worked well However, i was wondering that is it possible to get these clone units visible in RAED? Or making teamtypes where clone units appears? What does happen then? Should i just edit INI files after everything else is complete? Does anyone have any experiences about this?
  5. A new version, known as V 0.99.9, is coming up during the next weeks. It includes new missions, new structure, graphic fixes and many other things. I'm currently working on Leopard MBT in a hopes to re-size it correctly so it won't leave trails. A full changelist will be included when next version is released.
  6. This looks really nice! Is it OK if i use this desert.mix in my own mod, CCRDX ?
  7. Thanks! Cave terrain will be seen in future versions. That terrain fits very well kind of a Red Zone. Perhaps a possible location of Temple of Nod / Temple Prime...
  8. It works for me now. But now i have second issue: Each time i try to download a mod i get following error/warning: "This page shares non-wanted applications" -> meaning that it contains virus? I could continue and download it, but that warning makes me a bit confused. Also, when i download someting from new units / new structures folder, it download everything allright? My anti-virus is AVG and browsers are google chrome / mozilla firefox. Once again, does anyone else have same kind of problems?
  9. ....whaaat?! I get connection timeout -error every time i try. Other pages works well but not this...
  10. It seems like is down and it has been over a month? There was dozens of high quality ra1 mods, units and structures and other stuff that i might need / im interested to study them for my mod. I wasn't able to find any other topic related on this matter, so i must ask does anyone else having a similar problems and is there any other site, where i can download RA1 mods? is also down so it won't help me.
  11. Since im a kind of newbie when editing paletted pixel graphics... We'll see what we could do on a future releases.
  12. In my opinion, the Air Control building looks fine However, i can be wrong also. Should i open the unit bmp/pcx/jpg files with photoshop and do some mighty stuff there? The first thing before next release to do is to re-size the Leopard MBT. I was aware of that this unit is currently too large, but i choose to left that currently intact and fix it before next release. I think it's not the first time when RA mod includes "too large unit" Here is an another gameplay video: This is a skirmish battle between Nod vs GDI, the level is 1vs1 only and perhaps a bit too small for large armies. Control of the tiberium fields are crucial later on a battle.
  13. Let's have an example: So do you wish to change the unit Commando name on a certain custom map? As far as i know that is not possible. I think Red Alert 1 is the first game which allows players to change unit values which affects only on a certain custom mission.
  14. 1) Thanks for the advice. I will fix that 2) SHP issue is in my "to-do" -list. 3) Command Tower what? EDIT: -->> You mean Airstrike Command / Airstrike Control -building ??
  15. Here is a little gameplay video: The map, which is in this video, didn't make its way into this release.