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  1. Thanks! Cave terrain will be seen in future versions. That terrain fits very well kind of a Red Zone. Perhaps a possible location of Temple of Nod / Temple Prime...
  2. It works for me now. But now i have second issue: Each time i try to download a mod i get following error/warning: "This page shares non-wanted applications" -> meaning that it contains virus? I could continue and download it, but that warning makes me a bit confused. Also, when i download someting from new units / new structures folder, it download everything allright? My anti-virus is AVG and browsers are google chrome / mozilla firefox. Once again, does anyone else have same kind of problems?
  3. ....whaaat?! I get connection timeout -error every time i try. Other pages works well but not this...
  4. It seems like is down and it has been over a month? There was dozens of high quality ra1 mods, units and structures and other stuff that i might need / im interested to study them for my mod. I wasn't able to find any other topic related on this matter, so i must ask does anyone else having a similar problems and is there any other site, where i can download RA1 mods? is also down so it won't help me.
  5. Since im a kind of newbie when editing paletted pixel graphics... We'll see what we could do on a future releases.
  6. In my opinion, the Air Control building looks fine However, i can be wrong also. Should i open the unit bmp/pcx/jpg files with photoshop and do some mighty stuff there? The first thing before next release to do is to re-size the Leopard MBT. I was aware of that this unit is currently too large, but i choose to left that currently intact and fix it before next release. I think it's not the first time when RA mod includes "too large unit" Here is an another gameplay video: This is a skirmish battle between Nod vs GDI, the level is 1vs1 only and perhaps a bit too small for large armies. Control of the tiberium fields are crucial later on a battle.
  7. Let's have an example: So do you wish to change the unit Commando name on a certain custom map? As far as i know that is not possible. I think Red Alert 1 is the first game which allows players to change unit values which affects only on a certain custom mission.
  8. 1) Thanks for the advice. I will fix that 2) SHP issue is in my "to-do" -list. 3) Command Tower what? EDIT: -->> You mean Airstrike Command / Airstrike Control -building ??
  9. Here is a little gameplay video: The map, which is in this video, didn't make its way into this release.
  10. IT IS HERE! CCRDX was laying on my old PC hard drive long enough so now i felt like i should release the Version 0.99. This release is a beta version of a game, so it isn't ready, not even close. So i wish everyone who plays this could give some feedback; balancing, what works and what does not work. Perhaps an idea for new units? There are several known bugs, such as that Leopard MBT is too big. Download here: Have fun when when conquering the world of CCRDX!
  11. If you manage to get this work right, please post it here ASAP I think Discovert Ops mod has a more units than the regular ones? But if you're able to add more units than regular ones on the game, can you also put them on RAED?
  12. Tactical note: When editing aftermath missions with Notepad, everything works fine and Absolute M.A.D:ness is not just a mess. Somehow RAED and trigger editing does not work so well? I think i should just re-make "Brothers in arms" -mission completely, changing the mission idea etc.
  13. I was kind hoping that you will post something which will solve the problems, since your work with Red Dawn inspired me to do the same with my mod So my current Operating System is Windows 7, so should i run RAED compatible with Win98 in order to get it work more properly?
  14. Due to the issues of my personal life and Act of Aggression(), the mod wasn't able to release before end of 2016. My plan is to release this sometime before April.
  15. Any help?? Im getting desperate on this.