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place player controlled units- tiberian sun


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so im making a skermish....but a single player map....(cause thats the only way i can get the damn thing to play)

need to be able to take control of a GDI construction yard. if i place neutral units they show up. if i place GDI or Nod units they disappear... id be okay with the neutral units- but when i capture the constucton yard its whatever the player chose to be...so theres no new units just the stardard.

ive already made the trees produce blue tiberium and that was a hard enough ordeal figuring out what the rules.ini was in the first place...have you read these tutorials? its like everyone expects youve been doing this for years. 

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supply port? im not following your drift? im assuming youre asking where i got my info?

or? so far ive managed to figure out how to rewrite alot of the rules....and how to make custom units...

and what about origin? is it the update? just open and close it till it works.

if its a certain game to work let me know which, ive got the full origin collection. i have #3 from steam tho cause it was easier to manage.... i hate having to open origin to be able to play the games.

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