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  1. it took some digging but i finally found the work around for command and conquers cab file B.S. with the kanes wrath world builder. with the regular tib wars you do the / thing. but with this one....their supid installer is broken. someone else posted a link to where a good file is. heres that link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/chf237erfi3trsd/CC3KanesWrathWorldBuilder.exe/file theres ads that look like installers tho if you're stupid so watch out. if i helped leave a comment or somthing so others know it worked. if not, ill brainstorm with you.
  2. but no the fauna works for firestorm....big blue will crash the game regaurdless for some reason. also i downloaded the game from cnccomm or w.e. cause they dont have that weird screen stuff its just the original game.
  3. anybody know how to get ahold of the campaign maps in C&C3? it seems the xcc mixer doesnt work for that game. or maybe its cause i got it from steam? either way how do i change the maps? and the OS Big editor doesnt do anyhting...or at least it isnt in the game folder thats in documents....theres no regular game folder for it. theres a application icon but idk where that even leads to at this point.
  4. if youre replying to me i said red alert trees- im trying to take files from red alert and add them to TS
  5. do you still mod?? and can you help me....figure out how to make stuff like that? i know the basics of most stuff.
  6. i made a new house called it "militia"....details aside when i start a skermish with it i dont get the multiplayer units? no mcv no nothing... i already placed the new house as the 3rd owner of such things and it all even shows up in the finalsun editor. still no mcv... anything im missing?
  7. id assume so. if it was installing to the same path it probably rewrote somthing that was currently in use. 02.05. 23:13:23.489 Checking for the existence of FinalSun.ini. 02.05. 23:13:23.490 FinalSun.ini doesn't exist - writing default settings. is whats telling me that.
  8. what do i do to take art from red alert and put it into tiberian sun to use for custom units buildings terrain or etc? trying to do some pretty simple modding thats turning out to not be so simple... thanks in advance.
  9. you can save your generated maps...not sure where they save to in the game folder tho...then if you find it you can edit it. then if you edit it you can use it it multiplayer. thats why theres not a extra map generator is my best bet.
  10. how do i edit the art ini to get red alert trees into the game? also vice versa cause the colors and such in RA suck ass. sooo much contrast. and it would also help cause i assume i cant use things like the pretty trees without it....cause im not downloading the art for everything to use one mod...seems tedious cause ima have to delete alot of it.
  11. go into your game files and youll find ra2 it might have .ini at the end. regaurdless its a configuration setting. and the settings is for your campaign options that you can change in game...well everything but game speed.. open the ra2 file with notepad (when you hit save it will still be a config setting) scroll down and youll see [OPTIONS] and in that catagory youll see game speed. it goes up to either 6 or 7. (not sure what happens if you use a number that isnt there) i think it starts you at speed 3 which is slightly slow. 4 is faster 5 is....honestly i should switch mine to 5...
  12. after a bit of a search i found how to for the time being solve the issue. just add Tiberiumtospawn=2 in the properties of one of the tiberium trees. 0 is regular 1 is large 2 is blue the red one isnt in the game tho even tho it is. or look up on youtube "how to make a custom unit final sun" itll be like part 5 of somthing or w.e. in the title after watching that create a new tiberium tree. use whatever image you want just not [BIGBLUE3] or your game will crash obviously. if you want to get into detail figure out what the root problem is or check the campaign maps and the few multiplayer maps that use the tree and see if they changed anything or its just working cause its working. it might be worth looking into the rules.ini to see if its coded in properly. (it probably isnt)
  13. i figured out through other forums you have to edit the "battle.ini" youll need the xcc mixer (search the forums thats how i found it) i have version 1.47 rn and open the mixer itself. tap on find (or found if you wana search the whole thing if you know where things are at generally) type "battle.ini" hit search double click that itll take you to the location of it in the mixer (which is looking thu the game files) right click on the battle ini and hit extract. (save wherever you want but not in the game file folder.) once you edit it you can add your maps. pay close attention to what it says cause youre editing actual game mechanics. while youre doing that extract the rules.ini ....same thing. the rules are all of the game rules (units, buildings, terrain, movement, etc.) study that too if you want to change anything about anything.
  14. if you would have searched tiberian sun download on google its the first link for me. used to be the 2nd or 3rd but...if you need help finding out the map editor (youll end up there anyway and you can edit the campaign maps too just dont mess with the first gdi firestorm mission or as soon as you start it says mission failed and ive been trying to figure out why...even if i just resave the same map after opening it...it just shouldnt be touched...) random tidbits like how to create a custom unit on youtube or how to make a train go will help on the general knowledge of what things do.
  15. I've always hated the one that he's got posted. https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer heres where i got mine. im on windows 10 so theres no problems. downloaded it on like 3 computers now. its got the map editor included (if you tap launcher instead of game) the one he posted plays in a window for me and i dont like it.
  16. question on how to add the terrain from tiberian sun to red alert....i know how to make "custom units" well...basically from that youtube video thatll pop up when you ask the question "final sun custom units" my problem is that id like to get into red alert 2... (3 was too cartoony) but its too damn slow and the terrain is just terrible to the eyes. it dont flow the same. tiberian suns tiles would blend together and have like a mesh between two tiles (their grass was weird and bushy but it flowed good) ra2 is very high contrast colors...its off putting to say the least.... other than that i could settlle for a way to add red alert units and such to tiberian sun....(im trying to make a new "civilian" or "mob" faction and could use all the extra units and buildings anways...the OS SHP builder and etc is hard to find a realistic tutorial on).... im really interested in the tiles tho....that seems like the easiest thing to do.
  17. i had a hard enough time finding this cause all the links people posted were broken or just plain shady. heres the download link (not the download itself cause thats what people keep breaking) https://www.ppmsite.com/download/SHP_Builder337.exe/ especially if youre like me and dont like finding shit yourself you just check forums.
  18. supply port? im not following your drift? im assuming youre asking where i got my info? or? so far ive managed to figure out how to rewrite alot of the rules....and how to make custom units... and what about origin? is it the update? just open and close it till it works. if its a certain game to work let me know which, ive got the full origin collection. i have #3 from steam tho cause it was easier to manage.... i hate having to open origin to be able to play the games.
  19. that doesnt work. that only works for multiplayer maps.
  20. so im making a skermish....but a single player map....(cause thats the only way i can get the damn thing to play) need to be able to take control of a GDI construction yard. if i place neutral units they show up. if i place GDI or Nod units they disappear... id be okay with the neutral units- but when i capture the constucton yard its whatever the player chose to be...so theres no new units just the stardard. ive already made the trees produce blue tiberium and that was a hard enough ordeal figuring out what the rules.ini was in the first place...have you read these tutorials? its like everyone expects youve been doing this for years.
  21. gotta say this was the most unhelpful help ive found
  22. so im messing with the map editor, and ive been trying to get the blue tiberium tree to work.... evedently it doesnt. someone posted an ini. file on another post that was supposed to fix it but it just makes the game crash. apparently reading other posts it has somthing to do with the blue trees making a lan error?....(nobody can post an ini around that?) anyway ive got a new question of where can i just edit the object of the 3 tiberium trees? might as well make number 1 make green 2 make blue and 3 make red?....then ill just try to be able to tell them apart myself.... but im still struggling to find where to edit objects... *update* well i figured it out- just edit to rules unter tiberium tree 3 or 2 or whatever and put somewhere in its stuff "Tiberiumtospawn=2" and it made blue tiberium...that was it... ;the problem was im stupid but so is the dude that tryed to fix bigblue....cause that was a trash mod. but to anyone else wondering no big blue is just gonna hurt you. dont waste your time on big blue. chew big red.
  23. how do i actually get the blue tiberium tree to work without crashing the game????? this mod is non functioning if it just makes a crash report...
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