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Tiberian Sun (Spanish Edition)


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On 12/4/2021 at 8:22 PM, leogamer said:

Hi, guys.

I have 2 CD with the spanish version of CCTS and the Update TS203ES.EXE

(Movies and texts in spanish)

I can give you to create installers with this language and add in the main site.

@FunkyFr3sh are you interested or do you already have Spanish language implemented in installers such as Campaign installer?

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i second this, but in case dev lack the time or are focused on other things, can someone make a guide or tutorial of what files to replace apart from movies.mix? current build is bit diferent in file/diretory structure than stock ts and have a hard time findind what files to replace.


put togheter a translation atempt, check here: 


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