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lol,  who's scared, who's chicken,  >>>whos hiding?

(20) [12:43 PM] <AllycAt> very easy
(20) [12:43 PM] <amokk> i did not reconize your nick..
(20) [12:43 PM] <AllycAt> cause you cant
(20) [12:43 PM] <amokk> ??
(20) [12:43 PM] <AllycAt> i have 1000 nds of nicks ;)
(20) [12:43 PM] <AllycAt> a new one every single day ;)
(20) [12:44 PM] <AllycAt> i dont wanna be known ;)
(20) [12:44 PM] <AllycAt> i dont need to be known ;)
(20) [12:44 PM] <amokk> suspect there is a good reason for that
(20) [12:44 PM] <AllycAt> you scared ?
(20) [12:44 PM] <AllycAt> lol
(20) [12:44 PM] <AllycAt> chicken

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