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  1. KKKkkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. some , are more equal than others.... and remember, four legs good, two legs better!!!! http://www.gutenberg.net.au/ebooks01/0100011h.html
  3. Some past fun.. I made a bunch of music videos, to amuse myself with, this one I made for someone else, because he would take me sandrailing with him. It is my favorite. PG-13 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3afuvip4k958eq/a favorite sandrail.mpg?dl=0 Enjoy your time on this planet, I suggest.
  4. Would they be superheros, or supervillans?
  5. yourself, and the other 3 you mentioned are as you say really, really good at it. Think I am going to get a TS tattoo with my nick..
  6. sounds like you might make a good map if you tried. Feel free to contribute,
  7. It's a joke, not that there aren't, but if. black in his post sarcastically offered that that were the case. I'm old and I still hope for 500 more years to do all i want to do in this world! Just started 3d printing, and learning my cad.....
  8. I would not feel like the king of ts for the month, since I usually play mods, if terrace was not in the mix. I would not feel like the king of ts for the month, if I played tezz and ff, if mods were not in the mix. When I beat any TS player on any TS map, only then would I feel like I was the best.
  9. Wow thanks, to me it was just the most fun game I have ever played. I am so lucky to have recorded it! Your experienced and perceptive eye brilliantly observed everything except that I did not give him shit for not being better. More like I was an old school casual player who poked all your eyes out one month because I got tired of your shit talking, then went back to casual play . I hope that at some point you learn not to bother people so much. I have been happy playing as I am. I have had a lifetime of learning and experiences, and hopefully you will learn and discover that at this age I do not care about getting 'better' again. I wish to spend my precious time and energy in a casual, fun, non-corrosive or vitriolic, game with people that are pleasant. You can suit yourself. I learned and experienced more than 70 years of people '(6) [08:54 PM] <Ninja> I'm just trying to help' in a a-hole way. you the hundred thousandth one I have met. and not the last I am sure. So understand I do not care for your elitist garbage, and like I said before, you will get old or dead. Either way you will play worse than me one day because of it. I took all your names in my late 50's, suck on that.
  10. Black's fun. Based on Logan's run. The story of a society of Tiberian Sun players that, when you start slopping to casual fun play from ultra competitive play...it's Carousel ! And the the search for Amokk, who, after escaping, continues to play 50 years later. The religious officials who are threatened by his embrace of casual play relentlessly search to no avail. Amokk, who is aged and decrepit, still enjoys playing and welcomes everyone, even those who run. Unable to find him, the competitive players deride Amokk, not realizing that they to will grow old, and unable to play as well. Heard that story before?
  11. PAPA G, remember it's never too late to start being a decent human being... I have had my say, and I feel much better.
  12. Black, I see your desire for better players and play by us. I was in my prime to play competitively more than 50 years ago..... 15 or so years ago I won the tournament. more than 35 years past it.......... I spent 6 months playing with you guys to prepare. What a shitty abusive environment. I don't miss it now I enjoy something different that that competitive niche you enjoy. I suspect that competitive niche is not exclusively (6) [08:52 PM] <Ninja> the game is a lot more fun(6) [08:52 PM] <Ninja> when you play it the way it was intended what they intended. Sounds like they intended for us to make our own maps.. Thank you Westwood for the included map editor so we can make what is fun for us out of it. Most of us don't worship terrace on the altar. and smite those who don't accept it as the one true map! when one of my ts discs became so scratched I had to buy a new one (I bought it 4 times), I blasted it with a shotgun, PULL! that was fun with TS that the developers probably never thought of. but it was fun! Come out of your bubble. It's a big world out here. Full of people that enjoy something different than you.
  13. Glory days, well, they'll pass you by...... landodeath480.mp4
  14. load it up in a skirmish game ? map goes in c:/games/cncnet/tiberiansunonline/maps ?
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