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  1. Tiberian sun old school westwood maps

    Yes, they should. the game disc installs to c:westwood i think anyone, Buler?? Buler? been a while. C:\Games\CnCNet\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\(pick a folder) into an existing folder or make a new one restart the client, >make a game or suggest! here are almost a thousand more maps https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqjkahzhzaflb5o/Maps.zip?dl=0
  2. TAP TAP ...testing...... here's the code for anyone who whats to play a map auto-ally and/or 2mcv adjust starts to reflect the maps starts [MCV] BuildLimit=2 [AllyBySpawnLocation1] Description=East vs West A=0,1,2,3 B=4,5,6,7 [Basic] Name={Auto-Ally- 2mcv} (name of map) AllyBySpawnDefault=1 Yea, it works.
  3. how about any map that anyone wants to play that way? and the original will not cease to exist. so you can choose... well thought out objection there. more choices not less....again you can either not you can't and you still have to scout just share the responsibility go Team! sorry you broke your mic. (picks it up and repairs it for the Hitman) and what about the index pages for the maps????
  4. Thought while I was at it, I would make a index and a page for each map, something like this anyone feel like whipping up a css for them? or a thought on how to do it so the community can use it?
  5. Le_Chiffre Thank you for sharing your maps !!!!! now we know where they all went...lol here renamed plus all the other maps https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbv22ci816yfqm5/remnamed maps.rar?dl=0 48 mb 940+ maps
  6. Map Whitelist requests

    allow me to be the first battleday The Battle Day [8] Auto-Ally- 2 MCVs 7b6a5d95860b325a449e3c817f9ae154dd9714bc
  7. Map Whitelist requests

    you too slick that cool ty
  8. Map Whitelist requests

    How will they be vetted? Could the map be posted instead How to see which map from checksum?
  9. Hello! I thought I would do maps again. Holland showed me how to do the auto-ally edit, and I am going through and editing the old faves with it. not altering them otherwise. I also would like to gather up the newer ones along with the old and put them in a map pack. organized and titled uniformly. When done I would like to ask that they be whitelisted (after double checking for unfair, hidden changes.) Anyone with maps posted that I have not talked to, I seek your permission to include them. please contact me. Any thoughts? >>>Please do not start on ww vs mods please...
  10. Tiberian Sun Pint Glass

    My hairdresser's cousin's mechanic's half- brother disconcertingly said that it is neither half full, or half empty so how could it be?
  11. trouble resetting my forum password

    Got in,, Thank you
  12. I made a glass about this game I love! all my nicks Amokk Brwedtme Unkonsis Ironheel Atomicau Fghtwhnr Treader77 Thank you to The Cncnet team for years more of such a wonderful thing.
  13. 3 Idea's for cncnet client

    I would do the gathering/processing. If you had some thought on how I could do it that it would be most beneficial. map pack was cool If you could think of a way I could help with something like that again Started seeing peeps from many more places in the world !! and Wwwhhhaaaatttt!! years more of CnC ?????? thank you again for this.. amokk
  14. noodrescue being abusive

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
  15. What to use for Video

    Debut has been flawless for me. xlent program. http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html a few times a year they offer a free version, not sure which it is now. been missin' the ts.......