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  1. I do not know who did this, or if they posted in here somewhere I have not seen. sorry if it a rp the images were shared with me without any info except where to find the models...!! Print your own . https://www.thingiverse.com/Blockmar/designs very, very nice
  2. corps, It is just that cheap, tricky, and gimmicky, have a negative connotation, which rubs a stink on it, and inhibits players from playing with every game option possible even if you say it's ok at some other point in the comment. Here's a nickel, go to school. SaintZ, yep If it doesn't work you in a bad spot, but it still effective in the long haul. vary the percentage of games you do it in, and it will keep em guessing. it's called variable-ratio schedule of reinforcement ( @corpsmaker (since I don't have a good understanding of how things work I had to explain it to myself ) see there's more to it than micro, build speed, and scouting/anti-scouting...lol) it can work great! Fortune favors the brave! like when someone plays ??? instead of nod or gdi, you not sure how they going to come at you, that is invaluable. I both love it and hate it when someone mixes it up against me.
  3. look who's trying to inhibit ....... and i'm not new.
  4. see what a narrow sliver of reality corps lives in?
  5. RIP Stan Lee, and thank you! 'nuff said
  6. hope ts is next! https://www.engadget.com/2018/11/14/command-and-conquer-4k-remaster/?yptr=yahoo did not see Tore's post
  7. funny there is even a discussion. That;s what makes TS so much fun, and if you can beat em doing it , wonderful. It is not 'cheap' it is brilliant! mix it up and beat 'em some play no engr as a rule then you should respect the rule. you can use 'q' with multiple clicks to direct your units path.
  8. And for my sins, he gave them to me... Thank you !
  9. 😲 O yes, yes I do ! ! I do, I so do! Yes, Please. Thank you for the list. Just a question of how, now. I am going to pile them on the floor and lie back on them. Is there a way to script/automate the download? and it takes a long, long time to start Cncnet w/ all those maps ...lol
  10. I made this to help me lay out my map, might help someone else get over that first bump. 8 units scales any map size.
  11. I would like all the ts maps out of it whether or not i know their names... and I have not had luck convincing it to to that... any suggestions/workaround? other sources for maps? and what would be a dream is if it would dump every new map to me and what would be a better dream is if it automatically generates a webpage in the online map archive that has a preview, hash, changes listed,, and comments/tags for each new map. of that I dream!
  12. There area a few in here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/29fb47ih0rlg1a8/mapssort__082718.zip?dl=0 Funky, I would love to learn more about mapdb.cnet.org http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search= *.* sounds incredibly useful for what I am doing...
  13. amokk

    Snake pit!

    Hello, I finally made this map! > play it build off ally < GO TEAM!! it just right...hope you enjoy also https://www.dropbox.com/s/g57rsq9gxpwnoui/{Auto-Ally- 2mcv} Snake Pit by Amokk.mpr?dl=0
  14. Tiberian Sun Maps 1600+ Thank you to everyone that shared their maps, >> ( BK57, 458 maps I did not have yet! TY!) and if you have old ones please post them or share them so we can always have them! I have been working on this, I have far to go but, here they are, in progress, just in case. 84mb 1640 maps august 2018 update https://www.dropbox.com/s/29fb47ih0rlg1a8/mapssort__082718.zip?dl=0
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