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  1. That is a great book, I have read it twice in my life. Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances
  2. sweet! very cool! 3d printer? resin/fdm? what did you print it with, and can you share the stl?
  3. you earned it by breaking the rules in my game repeatedly. you are a $$ hole.
  4. but i have fun, playing shit,on my shit maps, with my shit rules, isn't that what we are here for? you, are not bearable to even interact with. pence you are not fun to play with. and about the trash talk, just returning the favor. lol this confuses pence....
  5. my game rules are no eng, no harv bombing, and no alt scout. common rules please respect them in my game. that to much to ask? that unbearable? that unreasonable? that unacceptable? that the way it is. we been playing that way almost 20 years, never heard of it? almost everyone is respectful of them and don't complain. those that continually break them like pence get banned. it messes up our fun.
  6. that would be reasonable. no one is advocating for vanilla only. that would be inappropriate. in fact, playing the standard, vet, and common mods that are suitable would both challenge both sets of players, and show who is the best at TS, no matter what map. and it just might draw some more players to the ladder.
  7. amokk said >> don't join my game and disrespect my rules
  8. and only playing the Vet mods make it an unfair competition to '95% of the player base' who play vanilla. see the other side of it yet?
  9. not even 3 months ago we went through this...here is the post. ""Mike, after explaining to you how I am banning you for using engs, and that is a standing rule in my games what like 5 times in the last 4 months??? I did not forget! fact? lol you're high. How disrespectful you are. Shame on you! Gaslighting like a politician. again, I have not forgotten that."" amokk you still making s*it up..........not harves at the end when it doesn't matter . What a load of manure and again how very very satisfying seeing you cry about it you hypocrite.
  10. not 'never', not 'ONLY one game' >> all the time, that's why you banned from my games. gaslighting....blah blah blah and again how very very satisfying seeing you cry about it you hypocrite.
  11. enjoy. consider me a proponent of inclusivity
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