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Extracting Yuri's Revenge Unit Sounds into RA2


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I'm trying to use the unit sounds that were added in Yuri's Revenge and port them into RA2.

I've seen that this kind of project has been attempted before:


Based on what has been done already, all I should have to do is extract the sound files into the right location. I have XCC installed. From what I can tell what I am looking for should be in langmd.mix -> audiomd.mix and I need to extract what I am looking for into language.mix -> audiomd.mix. I've been exploring these files but I'm not sure how to get what I want and how to properly implement it. I need some help with this process.

I'm pretty sure I figured it out. I managed to extract the unit sounds into audio.idx and audio.bag files. When placing these in the main directory along with rules.ini and sound.ini I have managed to get the sounds to work. Hopefully I did it right (I was tearing my hair out).

Here is a link that contains the files to get YR unit sounds into RA2.


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I may have figured it out.
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