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Missing Map: Have you seen me?


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There are three maps that rly stand out in my memory from when i used to play multiplayer some 15-20 years ago or what ever it was. Sadly i cant see to find those maps any more.

This one i remember the most. Custom map but no mods that i recall. For give the horrible paint job rendition of what i remember the map to look like. (its been a long time...)

IT was something like this. It had rows of diamonds (purple) on the sides in triangle shape going down the map. Then the green is just the buildable land. Blue is water obviously. But then it had an island in the center with a capturable airport (i think it was) or some other building like that. - Is possible it could have been a 6 man map. But i think it was 4. Or least i usually played it as 4.

I remember playing that map a lot (Either on RA2 or ra2 only enabled?). No land bridge, but a hell of an air and naval war. Always trying to rush to the center island to capture the building and make a mini base there to give you a little advantage.



I dont recall its name or much else... id love to see it again tho.

Iv dl'ed a lot of the map packs in the other thread but i still havnt come across this one yet... :(  So ima milk carton it... Have you seen this map?

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May be this map: "A Battle for the Rocks", but this island is bigger and has too many structures, rather than your definiton...

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Just now, cc88_06 said:

Therefore, the map is more likely this one: "A Very Cold War", on which you and opponent start with a more powerful nuke strikes at the opposite corners.


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On 4/12/2023 at 5:26 PM, cc88_06 said:


May be this map: "A Battle for the Rocks", but this island is bigger and has too many structures, rather than your definiton...

i appreciate you checking through your maps. But sadly, those two are not it.

Sucks.. i can see it in my mind, but im missing a few details. Its possible the land/water edge was more straight instead of triangle type. But im pretty sure the diamonds were that shape. Its also possible it might have been a 3v3 instead a 2v2. But its the same set up; one side vs the other.

I spent many a hour playing that map on multi player back in the day. Could spend an hour or two just amassing an army some times lol With equal players that kinda stale mated each other in the early/mid times, it jsut became mass production of everything. It was actually quite fun. Only down side was it was still at the time where ppl were still switching off dial up to cable/dsl. So sometimes an hour in and youde suddenly loose a player. Tho the 2 on 1 fights would be brutal to survive. But fun lol


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