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CNCNET on steam deck


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I was able to get CNCNET.exe for Yuri's revenge to install on steam deck

Yuris revenge I download game files from (origin) EA APP.

Download  cncnet5_YR_installer.exe

From cncnet


Steam deck desktop mode

On steam deck added "installer.exe" as NON steam game 

Compatibility MODE "proton experimental"


When install launches can't install on default location "program c" etc

Need to find this location

/home/deck/Desktop/EA APP program C/EA Games/Command and Conquer Red Alert II/

WHERE YOUR game file 

YURI.EXE or RA2.exe installed into


















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Once the install is completed game will restart and you will need to add

CNCNETYRLAUNCHER.EXE as NON steam game it will be in the same location as mentioned before.


Compatibility mode "proton experimental"



Good luck message me DOGMEATJR on steam if you need more help.


This is similar way I installed 








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When I do this and try to start a Skirmish for example, the game loads but the display freezes. Music is still played. Any chance you also had something simelar?

Also, with experimental the game does not boot at al, when I try proton 7 it starts but gives me above behaviour.

Couldn't find you on Steam, need a Friend ID :)

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I got this issue with every renderers from Default, CnC-DDraw, TS-DDraw, DDrawCompat but no luck. I tried and always got stuck at this loading screen (in the attachment picture) but the music still playing in the background. I can run it fine with Mental Omega with its own launcher though.


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