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    what program do you use to create maps?

    THEN JUST LEAVE , FReQuEnZy , your not helping anyone by being rude to any one asking for help . I didn't ask to be Harassed but some guy who probably still lives in his moms basement. so quit replying to this post it will help the most. THANKS YOU everyone else who has helped get some answers. god bless

    what program do you use to create maps?

    yeah but get these error message when try to check map ,

    what program do you use to create maps?

    I know how to make maps I used to make them back when this game came out , I was just wondering if there was a different program , since Red alert 1 the cncnet has two map editors. I was having issues with the creator (final alert2). I was just trying to ask for help isn't that what forums are for am I wrong? not looking to be put down by some loser with a keyboard (FReQuEnZy) but anyways I will no longer ask a question on these forums since this doesn't seem to a friendly place. GG btw to all admin out there reading this I will donate $100 if you ban FReQuEnZy

    Map Maker?

    what about this when I try CHECK MAP and RUN RED ALERT 2

    How to make RA2 & YR maps - Final Alert 2 Tutorial

    this is what I get!!

    what program do you use to create maps?

    very rude!! don't be a ass. these forums are hard to navigate at least leave a link to your post!! when I had windows XP i used to use final alert2 but I haven't had any luck with the program on windows 10, that's why I made this post for help , not to be called stupid
  7. is there any other program used to make maps for this game. (windows 10) in RA1 cncnet there's a built in map editor FINALALERT2 ? when I try to create map it says missing .dill file

    GAME SCREEN issue

    ok this have been happening the past few days. (windows 10) if I accidently hit the WINDOWS key or any of the icon on the top of the control panel I cant get back into the online game screen SCREEN SHOTS #1 just say "Yuri revenge" in the top of my desktop looks like this #2 or I just get stuck on this screen #3 HERES a screen shot of my resolution settings. this only seems to happen when I'm playing with other players online instead of a AI game.