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N3t's PC is damaged !!


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Greeeeeetz guys!


my pc got a massive power surge last saturday morning (~2am),

so that one destroyed my motherboard!!

My pc cannot read my keyboard, mouse, my Mic and WLAN adapter anymore.. pfff kind of shit [...]


I'll be back online on my new pc either in few days or in the next 2 weeks...


My updated FullCNC95 (last update: 2008-05-31) will be uploaded soon at my ftp server ;)

so please wait bit and thx for understanding and waiting ...

im atm online at my father's pc ... looking forward to connect to the inet until i got my new pc.


I gonna message u either here at this post or at my shoutbox when i got it or for news..


hmmm i think thats all for the moment... (whatever)


N3tRunn3r-Online will be updated soon and bla!





btw: Johnny, if u read this:

Im sorry! I got this fu*king power surge while we played the Interior map in Red Alert.... LOL... in middle of the great game!

I told u i never played this map online ... but was really great.. i just wanna say: it is a draw :P

next time ur mine ;)




get this here:

About my updated FullCNC95

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It is a great crap, thats right !! But it was also time that this pc is going to suck anyways ...

that was a 10yo pc.. omg :ranting:


What u wanna do with my pc ?? :S

i thought about: if i get my new pc im going to cannibalize (if this word is the right one,, lol) the hardware of that pc and to "eliminate" the rest with a baseball bat, made of steel, hehehe !!!

But i still dont have a baseball bat ...



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okay guys ...


IM BACK[/color:33yzhz3u][/size:33yzhz3u]


I got my brand new new pc this day !!! :mrgreen:


It includes:


Vista Home Premium 32x

AMD Athlon 64x x2 Dual Core 5200+; 2.6 GHz


nVidia GeForce 8600 GS; ~1.2GB RAM


DVD RW dual; Double Layer

8x USB 2.0 ports

DVT connection


460 bucks :P


..i think thats all ;)



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