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Help - I'm stuck on a single player mission


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Hey everyone. Im playing some RA2 single mission, and I got stuck at a certain stage as you can see in the screenshot.

This is a rather rare mission that someone uploaded a few years ago here: (this mission posted by "human" in November 7, 2019, second page, this is the first mission of the campaign)

You play as a single engineer, and the goal is to reach the Battle lab. I am adding a file where you can download the mission and my save, to the point where I got stuck. If anyone wants to install - just extract the files into the original Red Alert 2 folder (not yuri's revenge) and start a new campaign as the Soviets.
So has anyone ever played this mission? And know what to do to pass this part?
Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7hhenbte0d58jj4/ra2.rar/file

Screen Shot: 
posted image

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