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Brutal AI Tiberian Sun


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Hello guys, I'm trying to make it where the AI is extremely difficult to beat, I'm talking about where the AI is just as brutal as the ones on C&C 3, where it has near endless amounts of funds and continues to attack you. I don't know where I saw it, but someone asked the same type of question, but it was for RA2, I know is has to do with editing the rules file, but I don't know which parts of it to edit, so I wanted to know in full detail which parts I have to edit in order to get this working.

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Even at it's hardest, AI was pretty easy, however, I used to have a modified rules.ini that made it where the AI attacked almost non-stop and gained near endless amounts of money, not only that but it was also capable of more advanced tactics, but not to long ago I had deleted this information along with the ini file, so I don't remember how to do it, but I do remember some of the information about how to do it from where someone attempted this in RA2;


PowerSurplus=150 ; Improves defense


AISafeDistance=25 ; Improves offense

TeamDelays=200,250,350 ; Improves offense

MinimumAIDefensiveTeams=5,4,3 ; Improves defense

MaximumAIDefensiveTeams=7,6,5 ; Improves defense





I know that there is more to the code on how to do it, but no I didn't use DCoders AI editor or anything like that to modify the AI, I simply modified the rules.ini and it made the AI brutal.

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