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  1. with this I guess it's finally goodbye to arda lol
  2. Hoping I could download to test out some tags even clicking the new link Iran just gave, I got this...
  3. Hmmm come to think of trying some suggestions, I'd like to see a Change House trigger and Iron Curtain at (Insert Waypoint) (Jacko already suggested the Chronoshift trigger like the ones in RA2)
  4. Are you gonna join as well Nyerguds? It would be nice to see your creativity in C&C 95.
  5. Are you guys using C# orr any programming language to test out some tags?
  6. Hmmm, nice patch for adding some new tags here. Glad to know about this one. I might re-install RA once again to test out these tags. Suggestion, make a tag tthat will allow a unit to hover.
  7. Challenge Accepted! I'm gonna make the best of Tiberian Sun singleplayer map. Too bad mods can't be associated therefore it will result to a score of 0/100. Submit to Graion Dilach to all who will take the challenge btw NO MODS or else, 0/100 will be your score. I'll bring back all the things I removed in my mod (this is the only way for me to join the campaign rather than re-installing the game or use another .ini file).
  8. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have to place this topic in this one tentatively. Anyway my friend just downloaded Tiberian Sun from your site and he is asking on how to play it windowed mode as in no need to press alt tab just to minimize.
  9. Ares expands your modding possibilities. No more no less but afaik it fixes bugs. You can ask AlexB for more info about this modding expansion tool.
  10. I see... Posted this in PPM as well I see... When will the download link be available?
  11. ahhh hooohoohoooo I see what you're trying to explain that there's such no converter that would retain its stereo sound effect for AUD files and we can't do anything about it.
  12. Allen: yea I know that. I do stay there more frequently. Nyer: but how come when I convert a .wav file that has 44100hZ it turns into mono .aud
  13. Ahh good good. I was trying to make some visualizations on how I could make my own unofficial TS patch anyway. And what I mean by visualizations by things that I need to know and what to analyze in advance stage. So far the basic patching that I know is just inserting something that is missing (i.e Mutant Woman's missing voice). By advance stage I mean the fixes I should learn in weapon logics. By the way.... do D2K+ Dune 2000 Audio Converter and Command line Aud - Wav tool turns a .AUD file into a mono compression?
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